7 Apps That Could Save Your Thanksgiving Dinner (PHOTOS)

Take the stress out of this holiday feast.

For home cooks, Thanksgiving can be one of the most stressful days of the year. Between navigating timing, tasting, and checking the temperature of the turkey 100 times a day, it can be hard to juggle the many components of everyone's favorite food holiday.

While Thanksgiving cooks of yore could rely on call-in hotlines to help save an impending disaster, smartphones have introduced a new kind of Thanksgiving rescue: the Thanksgiving dinner app. These apps can save time, stress and even an undercooked turkey -- they help with everything from recipe ideas to scheduling out your day. We've picked out 7 Thanksgiving dinner apps that are replacing the antiquated hotline, and that offer all assurance you'll need to approach this yearly feast without fear.

Food52 Hotline
iTunes: Food52 Hotline
This app is free, and offers users the chance to ask (and to answer!) Thanksgiving questions on a time crunch. You'll get quick responses from others in the Food52 community, whether it's months or hours before the big meal.
Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach
iTunes: Chow Thanksgiving Dinner Coach
This free app focuses on easy, traditional Thanksgiving recipes and is geared at beginners. It includes a timeline, ingredient list, equipment list, summary and step-by-step directions!
Thanksgiving: A Bon Appetit Manual
iTunes: Thanksgiving: A Bon Appetit Manual
This free manual includes 101 recipes, advice, and how-to's from the Bon Appetit Test Kitchen. Although it includes some simple recipes, this app is more geared at more advanced home cooks.
Thanksgiving Recipe Collections: Food and Drink Recipes
iTunes: Thanksgiving Recipe Collections: Food and Drink Recipes
Gojee's free recipe collection pulls from food bloggers, and categorizes by which part of the Thanksgiving feast each belongs to.
iFeast Thanksgiving
iTunes: iFeast Thanksgiving
iFeast Thanksgiving costs $2.99, and focuses on planning out your schedule for the busy, cooking-filled day. For people who tend to feel overwhelmed by juggling all the elements of the feast.
Turkey Dinner Step-by-Step
iTunes: Turkey Dinner Step-by-Step
This $0.99 app plans out your Thanksgiving schedule for you -- you just enter the date and time you want the meal ready, the number of guests, and foods you're cooking, and it creates a step-by-step plan for you. It also includes how-to and recipe functions.
Butterball Cookbook Plus
iTunes: Butterball Cookbook Plus
This free app isn't limited to turkey recipes, but includes all types of desserts, sides, and mains that are perfect for Thanksgiving.

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