Everything You Need To Know To Throw A Successful Thanksgiving

You need this.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and it's time to start some serious planning -- we're talking about moving beyond the pinning of your favorite turkey and side recipes. It's time to start actually figuring out how you are going to pull this meal off. The smart people at The Savory put together a detailed infographic to help you do just that. Not only did they perfectly and simply outline how to cook an A+ bird, but they also broke down how many apps and rolls you'll need per person -- plus how much pie, booze and stuffing you need to keep everyone happy. Spoiler: people eat a lot of stuffing.

Print this infographic out, laminate it, and keep it close at hand until you survive this Thanksgiving. Then, go thank the folks at The Savory for saving your tush during the chaos of the holidays.

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