Thanksgiving Entertainment: What HuffPost Editors Are Grateful For

Thanksgiving is a time to set aside cynicism in favor of some reflection and gratitude. At HuffPost Entertainment, it's also a time to put on some rosy colored glasses and ask ourselves some questions: What entertainers created content that pierced the madness that is often the news cycle? Who made music that touched us in ways deeper than cheap, wannabe-provocative music videos and lyrics can? Which films made us laugh to the point of tears? Which TV showrunners provided us with a new perspective?

So reflect we did. The gallery below contains 24 things we're grateful for, from Kendrick Lamar's breathtaking debut album to Lena Dunham's wonderfully imperfect "Girls," these items run the gamut of our editor's tastes. Take a spin and let us know what entertainment moments you are most grateful for in the comments.

The following selections are by Executive Entertainment Editor Michael Hogan, Entertainment Editors Kia Makarechi and Christopher Rosen, Associate Entertainment Editor Madeline Boardman and Entertainment Intern Treye Green..

What We're Grateful For