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Create A Seed Planting Ceremony For Reflection, Connection And Introspection

This season provides opportunity to say a prayer of gratitude for all the good in our lives. The conscious intention in prayer can send ripples of energy touching each person we include in our prayers.
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During this season of gratitude, we gather in order to celebrate and appreciate the abundance in our lives. As we look across the Thanksgiving table at the yearly harvest, we find that it represents the connections with our family, friends, career choices and relationships. When reviewing what we've experienced throughout this year, it becomes remarkably clear that we are a sum of many parts and that each of these parts are intertwined with each person in our lives.

Each relationship strengthens us and allows us to stretch beyond our boundaries in ways we may not have imagined. The spiritual connection on which this cohesive energy travels links our relationships with each person and interaction. Whether or not we are aware of these connections when they occur, the ripple effect from the thoughts, emotions and actions from that moment forward become part of who we are, which shapes our destiny.

In the fall season, we focus on reflection (looking at what we've accomplished thus far this year), connection (spending the holidays with family and friends) and introspection (tuning in to spirit and our hopes and dreams).

This season provides ample opportunity to say a prayer of gratitude for all the bountiful good in our lives. The conscious intention in prayer is powerful and can send ripples of energy around the planet touching each person that we include in our prayers.

One of the most powerful ways to activate a prayer is to first say it out loud and to then put it immediately into action. Visualize the outcome of the prayer and then consider how you can live in sync with this thought in your daily actions. Then turn this prayer into your vision statement, so that you can live and act according to the intention that you wish to see come to fruition.

When you pray, speak the words aloud, visualize the intent and direct the energy toward your intention. With careful focus and direction, a prayer can move obstacles, which appear to be the size of mountains.

The power of conscious thought and manifestation allows us to create and form the dreams in our mind so that we can then take action to bring these dreams to fruition.

The season of fall represents this time for our seeds of thought to be planted in our mind, so we can give them some contemplation and introspection. A powerful and reaffirming way to bring action to these hopes and dreams is to bring them to life by creating your very own "Seed Planting" ritual with family and friends.

Here's How to Create a Seed Planting Ceremony:

Invite family and friends to make resolutions for the New Year this fall. Have each person share their dreams and how they hope to achieve them. Then hand out packages of seeds along with clay pots filled with soil to each of your guests and invite them to plant new seeds of thought this fall, which will manifest and bloom with their dreams in the spring. Use a toothpick and a strip of white paper to make a sign that sticks in your clay pot. One the piece of paper, write one word that describes the dream you wish to manifest.

If it's not too late in the season to plant bulbs in your backyard, dig a small hole and plant a bulb for each person to hold the energy of their resolutions and dreams. When the bulbs bloom in the spring, they become a powerful reminder of the time and energy it takes for dreams to manifest and that with care and action, they bloom! When the bulbs bloom, they represent the beautiful garden of your friends and family working together to support each other's dreams.

In this act, you are aligning your body, mind and spirit in conscious thought and awareness and are becoming a vessel in which the prayers, hopes and dreams are able to come through and manifest into life.

My conscious prayer and vision statement for my work on "Explore Your Spirit" and as a wisdom teacher is:

Spirit does not exist in just one location; rather it is all encompassing, living within and amongst us in each moment, thought and action. I believe that Spirit is raised to its highest level, when individuals gather with wisdom, compassion and a discerning desire to provide service to humanity.

With this vision in mind, I invite you in this season of thanksgiving, abundance and gratitude, to say a prayer, give thanks and then become the action that you wish to see made manifest in your prayers, thoughts and dreams.

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