Instagram Hits New Record, Courtesy Of 'Thanksgivukkah' Food Orgy

Biggest Day Ever

Last Thursday saw two holidays at once, and one big day for Instagram.

For the first time in 125 years, the Jewish holiday of Hannukkah and the American holiday of Thanksgiving overlapped. Because both holidays involve traditional foods, and people are obsessed with photographing their meals, Thanksgivukkah was also the biggest day Instagram has ever had.

Even though the holidays are meant to be about family, people couldn't resist the draw of social media, and spent the day posting photos on Instagram, hoping their turkey would somehow look significantly better than anyone else's.

There are currently over 5.4 million photos on Instagram tagged #Thanksgiving, more than 366,000 tagged #Turkeyday and over 18,500 tagged #Thanksgivukkah.

People took photos of their Thanksgiving and Hannukkah-themed food:

They showed off their "Menurkeys" (turkey-shaped menorahs):

And they showed off special Thanksgivukkah-themed items:

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