Tired Of People Talking Politics At Thanksgiving? Here's How You Can Stop Them.

Tired Of People Talking Politics At Thanksgiving? Here's How You Can Stop Them.

By now, we've accepted it: The delicious meal we get at Thanksgiving comes with a price, and it's not just the one associated with financing the whole production. As families across the country come together this Thursday to give thanks and eat themselves into comas, they will also be faced with having to confront the uncles, cousins and family friends with whom they often have very little to agree upon.

Whether your drunk, cranky grandma starts slipping in uncomfortable racial slurs, or your “doctor” cousin (he's got PhD in History and don't you forget it) wants to talk about President Obama, the links below can be used to quickly deflect any aggravating political conversation with some safer topics. Also feel free to pull them out when your family starts asking you when you're going to get married and start having babies:

We know the president wants us to discuss healthcare, but it might ruin the turkey in this family. Is everyone aware there's a baby panda trying to walk right now?

tv show gifs

This is what it looked like when it first succeeded earlier this month at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C. And if you absolutely must talk about Obamacare, consult this piece first.

Speaking of marijuana legalization ... check out what Bob Marley would look like if he was still alive!

bob marley

Sachs Media Group released a set of amazing artist renditions of what legendary rock stars might look like if they were alive today. For more, check here.

So nana wants to talk about how lazy the youngs are? Ward her off with this baby's emotional response to her mother singing:

Activist aunt railing against turkey slaughter? Has she seen this 11-week-old lion cub getting excited about leaves?

lion leaves

Someone wants to talk about guns? Why not these guns?

Grandpa really hates those good-for-nothing drug users. How about Toronto mayor and at-least-one-time crack-smoker Rob Ford, seen here playing football the wrong way:

Instant abortion debate neutralizer: baby otters jumping and cheering!

Everybody loves holiday movies, why don't you talk about some of these!

tv show gifs

Uncle Richard wants to discuss drones? One-up him with these 12 awesome holiday gadgets!

Like the unbreakable iPhone screen protector:


That random guest in the sweater wants to bring back the gold standard? Shut him up with this epic dance off between a young basketball fan and an usher:

Is someone about to deny climate change? Have they seen this cool new bicycle technology!? Don't tell them it's green.

The Smart Wheel by FlyKly Bikes is an electric bike wheel that can be attached to almost any bike, instantly transforming a regular bike into a motorized one. You can even operate the FlyKly Smart Wheel through your iPhone or Android app, setting the speed you’d like to ride at.

smart wheel

War on Christmas?! How about the "Door to Hell."

The 230-foot-wide fiery crater in the middle of the desert near the village of Deweze in Turkmenistan hasn't stopped burning for over 40 years. What have you done now, Turkmenistan?



Batkid will pretty much save the day no matter the political issue:


Miles Scott, a 5-year-old leukemia survivor, took San Francisco by storm earlier this month when he fought crime as part of a Make-A-Wish event.

So will Batdad!

This Atlanta dad is fun for the whole family. Good luck explaining Vine to them, though.

And if you're still at a loss, at least have yourself some puppies:


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