This Thanksgiving Getaway Traffic Jam In Los Angeles Will Hypnotize You

"This is the freeway version of the mannequin challenge."

Give thanks that you weren’t stuck in this colossal Thanksgiving getaway traffic jam.

An ABC7 Eyewitness News helicopter captured the congestion on Interstate 405 in west Los Angeles on Tuesday night.

From the sky, the head and tail lights of thousands of cars on either side of the freeway combined to create a somewhat hypnotic scene.

The never-ending bottleneck would clearly have been no laughing matter for those drivers and passengers seeking to escape the city for the holiday weekend.

But Facebook users opted to see a funnier side and dubbed it “the most epic Mannequin Challenge ever,” while likening the red and white lines of car lights to arteries.

The American Automobile Association predicted that almost 49 million Americans would be traveling 50 miles or more this Thanksgiving.

Last October, Chinese drivers endured what was described as “carmageddon” as citizens flocked home following a seven-day public holiday:

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