Turkey Breast Recipes That Make Thanksgiving So Much Easier

We're giving you permission to skip the whole bird.

For many people, turkey is a deal breaker come Thanksgiving. But making a whole bird is a big to-do. You have to figure out whether you want to brine it or stuff it, calculate how long to cook it, and then try to carve it without destroying the whole thing. It’s work, for sure.

If you don’t feel quite ready to take it on this year, we’re giving you permission to skip it. Not the turkey, just the whole bird. Instead, make turkey breast.

Turkey breast is the perfect solution for smaller gatherings, or it’s great if you just want ease into the holiday season. We’ve got 15 festive recipes for you to choose from, all of them delicious and stress free. (And the best news? They don’t take nearly as long to defrost or roast.)

Some call for the bone in, and others call for boneless. Just be sure you’re buying the right kind when you’re at the store.

Slow Cooker Turkey Breast In Cranberry Sauce
The Creative Bite
Roasted Turkey Breast With Maple Bourbon Glaze
In Sock Monkey Slippers
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Orange Herb Roasted Turkey Breast
Inspired Taste
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Roasted Turkey Breast With Blueberry Balsamic Glaze
Feasting at Home
Cranberry Glazed Turkey Breast
Whitney Bond
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Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Turkey Breast With Garlic And Herb Sauce
From A Chef's Kitchen
Juicy Roast Turkey Breast
Foodie Crush
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Orange-Honey Glazed Roasted Turkey Breasts
A Cozy Apron
Roasted Turkey Breast With Lemon And Oregano
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Spiced Apple Cider Glazed Turkey Breast
The Noshery
Slow Cooker Turkey Breasts
Spicy Southern Kitchen
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Stuffed Turkey Breast With Butternut Squash And Sage
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Torrisi's Turkey
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Roasted Turkey Breast Roulade
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