The Thanksgiving Turkey Optical Illusion That's Messing With People's Heads

Wait for it!

An old Thanksgiving turkey recipe video on YouTube went viral Thursday after it was found to contain a strange optical illusion.

Look at the center of the whirling brine in this video on the Kamado Joe channel for about 30 seconds until the turkey appears, then see what happens.

Check it out from the 2-minute mark here:

See it?

The optical illusion, if you didn’t already see it, will be revealed below.

Yes, the skin of the lifeless turkey creepily appears to start spinning too.

According to Mashable, it’s due to the so-called waterfall illusion ― which the Illusions Index website describes as “a motion aftereffect seen when looking at a stationary stimulus after looking at something moving in one direction for some time.”

Clear your mind cache and watch this six-second GIF to prove the turkey wasn’t actually spinning on the table in the 2015 video:

Reddit user Dently brought the quirk to fellow users’ attention Wednesday and inspired many astounded responses.

“Great, now everything is spinning,” wrote one. Another dubbed the phenomenon “Thanksgiving on acid.”