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This Thanksgivukkah Manicure Is The Absolute Cutest Thing (PHOTOS)

The Thanksgivukkah Manicure You Need To Try

We got our Thanksgivukkah menus all picked out (latke gratin, anyone?) and our decor and travel plans set. We've even got Thanksgivukkah pick-up lines and Thanksgivukkah sex tips. But our beauty routines? Those were in need of some Thanksgivukkah spirit.

Luckily there's this adorable Thanksgivukkah manicure to make our candle-filled, oil-soaked holiday a little more glam. MidrashManicures, a Jewish nail art company from New York-based Rabbi Yael Buechler, has combined a cute Thanksgiving manicure with its easy-to-use Hanukkah Nail Decals for the ultimate Thanksgivukkah beauty look. It's turkeys meets dreidels, Snoopy meets menorahs and pumpkins meets presents.

In a word, it's adorable. To DIY the mani, we recommend starting with a white background then getting creative with your Thanksgiving shapes -- we like fall leaves and cranberries, personally. Then apply the decals (you can get them for $11.99 at for instant cuteness.

We know how we're spending our lazy Thursday morning next week.


thanksgivukkah manicure

thanksgivukkah manicure

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