The Most Popular Shows On Netflix Right Now Besides 'That '90s Show'

A French war drama and baking competition show are also trending on the streaming service.

“That ’90s Show” is the most popular show on Netflix, according to the streaming service’s public ranking system.

A spinoff of the hit sitcom “That ’70s Show,” the new series takes place in 1995 and follows Eric Forman and Donna Pinciotti’s teenage daughter Leia as she spends the summer with her grandparents in Wisconsin. Many familiar faces from the original sitcom make an appearance in “That ’90s Show,” which premiered on Jan. 19.

In second place is the mother-daughter series “Ginny & Georgia,” which has occupied a top spot in the ranking ever since Netflix dropped Season 2 on Jan. 5. Still, fans must continue to wait patiently for any news of a Season 3.

"That '90s Show" on Netflix.
"That '90s Show" on Netflix.

The third most popular show of the moment is “Women at War,” aka “Les Combattantes.” Set in 1914 France, this drama explores the devastation of WWI through the eyes of four women whose lives intersect in unexpected ways.

On a lighter note, “Bake Squad” is back in the ranking after its Season 2 premiere on Jan. 20. Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi hosts this baking competition show that challenges four experts to create elaborate celebratory desserts.

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9. “Bake Squad” (Netflix)

4. “Wednesday” (Netflix)

3. “Women at War” (Netflix)

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