'Dunkirk' Trailer's Harry Styles Moment Causes A Stir On Twitter

Watch it all night like it's the best trailer ever.

Dunkirk” trailer, you’ve got that one scene.

Never mind that the images from Chris Nolan’s WWII action thriller look beautiful and haunting, or that the trailer seems like a full movie of the “Saving Private Ryan” beach scene. (We’re expecting Matt Damon to show up at some point and need to be saved.) Also, never mind that Nolan regulars Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy are in the cast, and we’re starting to wonder what level of “Inception” they’re stuck in. (Hardy’s got a mask in a plane again. Is this secretly the opening to “Dark Knight Rises”?)

No, disregard all of that, because one moment from the “Dunkirk” trailer is dominating the conversation on Twitter.

The scene where it looks like Harry Styles is drowning: 

Yeah, former One Direction singer Harry Styles is in the movie, and there’s a scene where it looks like he’s not doing so hot.

If you check out #Dunkirk on Twitter, the odds are you’re gonna see some Directioners getting worried about it.

”Dunkirk” tells the story of Allied forces evacuating to avoid total decimation from the German army, so it’s likely going to be devastating. A lot of characters are going to die. Directioners should be worried, but it’s doubtful that Styles’ character is actually going to drown in that scene, since it’s shown in the trailer.

C’mon, Harry. Nobody can drag you down, remember? Nobody, nobody!

”Dunkirk” hits theaters July 21, 2017.



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