That Little Kid From 'Wife Swap' Still Thinks Bacon Is Good For Him

The King Curtis has returned.

Remember Curtis Holland from "Wife Swap"? Uh, sorry, "King Curtis" from "Wife Swap"?

He was the kid who ate a bunch of chicken nuggets and kept reiterating how bacon was good for him. (Preach, dude.) Well, back in the day, clips of him spouting his wisdom went viral all over the Internet. Now, after six years, he's back, and he still has all kinds of swag.

Here's Curtis today:

After actress Lucy Hale made a Instagram post wondering what happened to him, the now 14-year-old posted an update video to YouTube that Tech Insider uncovered -- and it's amazing.

Highlights include Curtis showing off his chickens, talking about how his pilot never got picked up, making a pitch for people to help him get a muscle car and, of course, eating bacon.

Check it out. Like bacon, it's good for you.

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