That One Time Kim Kardashian Matched Phyllis From 'The Office'

Who wore it best?
01/13/2017 11:24am ET
Chris Haston/NBCUniversal Inc
Phyllis looking as fierce as ever. 

Before Kanye West gave away Kim Kardashian’s entire wardrobe on TV and later convinced her to only wear nude spandex shorts, the 36-year-old was taking style cues from her pal Paris Hilton and momager Kris Jenner. But it turns out Kardashian also shares a similar taste to someone else ― Phyllis from “The Office.”

Thanks to Twitter user @skaime_, we finally have proof that the reality star and the Scranton, PA office worker share the same fashion sense. Back in December, @skaime_ sliced together two pictures of Kardashian and Phyllis wearing the same damn thing ― a pretty coverup. After a little digging, The Huffington Post figured out the coverup in question is the Nairobi Robe from Lotta Stensson, which retails for $429.

Kim wore hers to the beach in Miami, while Phyllis donned the robe for Robert California’s extraordinarily awkward office pool party.

Here’s another look:

According to our research, Kardashian was photographed wearing the robe in Miami Beach in 2010. Phyllis (aka actress Phyllis Smith) put on the coverup for “The Office” episode called “Pool Party,” which aired in January 2012.

On the website where the robe is sold, Stensson shared a picture of Kardashian and Hilton wearing it. We think they should add Phyllis, too.

Lotta Stensson
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