That Soulmate That Was A Mistake

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We all live with this concept that there is “The One”. That person that is our completion. That person that will come in to your life and make every wrong right and smooth out all of your rough edges. That person that has just the right amount of magic to make the changes in your life that weren’t that easy for you to make.

I believe in fairy tales. But the concept of “The One” baffles me. If I subscribed to it, I would have to agree that there is just one shot at love. I don’t believe that. It can’t be. Because I’m nowhere near the person at almost forty that I was when I was in my twenties. So if I change, and what I need changes, isn’t it possible that I will need to be loved differently as well?


Twin flames.


All concepts that say that we are matched to someone who is just right for us.

Mr./ Mrs. Right. This perfect person that is everything that we need.

How do we learn lessons from perfect?

I’m going to back up. How do I even know when I’ve met “The One?” Is it this cataclysmic meeting that is full of butterflies, smiles, and starry eyes that look forward to the future? Or is it a settling feeling of peace and familiarity?

Some connections can’t be explained. You meet someone and can’t imagine or remember what life would be like or what life was like without them. But does that mean that person is your soulmate? Maybe they are simply a lesson that you need to learn to prepare you for your soulmate.

I think sometimes we stay a little too long in a relationship because we mistake that lesson for a soulmate.

We’ve all been in that relationship where we stuck around a little too long. Trying to revive something that died a long time ago. Or maybe you are the type to fall too quickly. You give your heart too soon, because love is invigorating and euphoric, a feeling we all crave.

And then we wake up realizing that the person we’ve connected with is a lesson, not a soulmate.

We are all flawed. And likewise, some of those flaws are not a problem for one person, and major deal breakers for another.

Life has a way of teaching us lessons when we least expect it. And when we don’t learn the lesson, we repeat the test over and over again until we get it right. Maybe that’s why you keep choosing the wrong man or woman over and over again. Same person, just different face. And when you learn that lesson, that may be the signal to the Universe that you are ready to move forward in love and your soulmate will enter your life.

I do know that there are no coincidences. Nothing happens by chance. We just need to be a little more picky about who we choose to love. Attractions are chemistry and raw. Love is a choice.

And maybe we can all benefit from remembering that so that we know the difference between the lesson and the soulmate.

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