The Time My Mom Got Me A Tiger (VIDEO)

When Todd Bieber was a young boy, all he wanted for his birthday was a tiger.

Now, years later, that wish finally came true. The filmmaker recently uploaded a video to YouTube telling the story of his mother, who fulfilled his childhood dream by helping him sponsor a Tiger named Simon from T&D's Cats of the World. in central Pennsylvania.

T&D's Cats of the World is actually an exotic wildlife rescue organization, not limited to just big cats. In this case, though, they rescued Simon and a few other tigers who were used as "photo babies" until they were too big and deemed dangerous. After T&D's took them in, Bieber's mom made a list of things the animals needed, sponsored Simon in her son's name and let him go deliver the items in person.

Bieber's gift is no small responsibility: the tigers will eat 20 to 30 pounds of meat every day and live for 12 to 20 years. Although he doesn't "own" Simon, he does have an opportunity to be a part of his health.

To see the whole story unfold and the other incredible animals housed at T&D's, check out the video above.



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