That Viral 'Harry Potter' Puppet Video Is 10 Years Old & Now In High-Def

Because 2017 has been hard and WE DESERVE IT.

What’s that mysterious ticking noise?

Harry, Hermione, Ron and co. learned the answer to that question in a “Harry Potter puppet production that made the rounds on YouTube after its publication 10 years ago.

You read that right: a whole decade ago. Yer not a young wizard anymore, Harry.

To celebrate the momentous occasion, creator Neil Cicierega remade his masterpiece — only now, because it’s 2017 and all, in 4K. It really feels like Snape and Dumbledore are singing right there with us.

The nostalgic callback makes the recent news that the “Harry Potter” film actors are in a group text together even sweeter. Our Hogwarts acceptance letters may be permanently lost in the mail, but we can all still enjoy the magic.

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