'#ThatPower' Video, Justin Bieber And Will.I.Am's Latest, Makes Its Debut

Good news, Beliebers. Justin Bieber has released a new music video with will.i.am.

Called "#thatPower," the video made its debut early Friday morning. The track takes a hashtag as a title, keeping with the style will.i.am's album, "#willpower." The song first made its way online in September.

The futuristic video shows will.i.am driving a souped-up sports car, before unleashing a hologram of Bieber, who dances to the song's hook. Accompanied by a group of coordinated back-up dancers, will.i.am hits different cities across the world, as Bieber makes appearances in hologram form and on television screens.

“This video is probably the most time-consuming video that I’ve ever been a part of because I had to rehearse choreography, and I’ve always been against choreography for me,” will.i.am told ET about the video. “We have this real, next-level, futuristic type of choreography. It’s not dance, it’s like synchronized movement.”

"#thatPower" is the latest single off of will.i.am's fourth studio album, "#willpower." The album will hit stores on April 23.

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