The 1 Minute Blog. Aftershocks.

2014-08-25-earthquake.jpgWith aftershocks of Sunday's 6.0 earthquake in the offing, those of us who live in Wine Country feel like we're walking a tightrope without a net.

The Northern California Seismic System predicts there will be 30 to 70 aftershocks in the next seven days.

On one hand, we've accepted the risk of earthquakes, and even have a quake bravado. On the other hand, we're shell shocked when we think of "The Big One" we might encounter one day. Our imagination can make even the most graphic catastrophe seem tame.

The truth is we never know when our time is up.

My sister, Marcy, told me a woman was driving to a grocery store and had a fatal accident on her way. Marcy's point is that all we can do is live each day the best we can. It's useless to live in fear.

While we equip our earthquake kit with the essentials, we would be wise to prepare our mindset, as well.

We can't control the universe, let alone the Earth's tectonic plates. We can, however, make peace with the menace of "The Big One."

We can be grateful for the time we have.