The 1 Minute Blog. The 9-Year-Old and the Uzi Outcry.

2014-08-29-GUN.jpgIf this country fears the proliferation of paramilitary police forces, it might want to consider our growing gun culture.

The 9-year-old who accidentally killed her instructor with an Uzi was with her family at a recreational shooting range.

The mishap, while tragic, has one redeeming aspect. It's showing the world at large a shocking image: paramilitary play.

Innocence and firepower can be lethal.

Most are surprised to learn that some shooting ranges give kids as young as 8 years old access to the same firearms used by terrorist groups. These include automatic machine guns, sniper rifles and grenade launchers.

Do we really want to rear our young people on this kind of fire power?

It doesn't make sense.