The 1 Question Difference Between Failure and Success

Have you ever felt like you were sliding down a silo, desperately trying to brace against the sides so you wouldn't keep falling?

For the past four years, I've been slowly sinking to the bottom -- spread eagle and grasping for a handhold to stop the downward slide.

But a few weeks ago, I let go and the most unexpected thing happened -- I bounced.

I bounced up farther than I could have imagined -- to ease, joy, free time, fun and more money.

Because here's the thing about failure I discovered: most of it's in your mind.

When you cling to every inch and dollar, you assume that what you want has to arrive a certain way. You mistakenly believe you know best, even when your way isn't working.

You think:

  • Your business can only earn through X and Y channels.
  • You can't lower your prices even though your products aren't selling, because experts charge a premium.
  • You can't possibly feel good right now because you're supposed to be stressed about money.

In short, you repeat the same mistakes and unhelpful beliefs over and over.

But here's the secret about the slide:

You're not stuck because you can't make it work, or because you're not talented, connected, fun-loving, or skilled enough.

You stuck because your mind is attached to the how that you've envisioned, not to the what. Meaning you're focusing too much on the methods to achieve your goals and not enough on the goals themselves.

Let go.

Let your desire for the outcome be stronger than your desire to be right about the path you take to get there.

Stop trying to control how it happens and trust that you deserve it however and whenever, preferably starting now.

Because it's not about how clever you are at making your goals happen; it's about how open you are to letting them unfold in ways you could've never imagined.

So claim what you want. Declare it right now.

Then ask yourself -- are you worthy of it?

If the answer is yes, then it's just a matter of belief and time.

It's about saying enough is enough and you're ready now. Then taking inspired action, not willfully forced action driven by "shoulds" and "have tos".

But if you don't think you're worthy -- you're not sure it's possible for you to have & be who you want -- then start the conversation there.

Because your world responds to you.

You'll bounce as long as you believe you're worthy of being caught.