The #1 Reason Why Men Stop Pursuing You

It’s not your sense of humor…

It’s not your physical appearance…

And it’s not your sense of style…

In fact, the number one reason men stop pursuing women… might actually shock you.

The worst part is that you might think doing THIS is actually helping you win him over…

It’s not.

If you want to get and hold a man’s interest, you need to STOP making this brutal mistake right now…


… ironically…

You’ll start giving him what he REALLY wants by default.

So many women are guilty of doing this one thing that I’d venture to guess it’s the biggest reason why new relationships fail before they even get started.

This week’s video might be short, but it’s powerful.

Watch it now and join the conversation in the comments below.

Your Coach, Adam

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Summary –

Here’s the deal:

Imagine you go to a local pub…

A craft beer drinkin’ hipster dude strolls up, plants himself next to you, and delivers a cheesy, but strangely endearing pick up line.

You push him away, even though he’s pretty attractive, but he seems eager, and he keeps persisting…

So you finally give in.

You start talking to him and eventually give him your number.

He follows up with you, and you end up going out on a date.

Lo and behold, you start to actually really like this guy.

Fast forward three months later and he suddenly breaks it off…

To avoid giving up on men altogether, here’s the number one reason why men stop pursuing you in situations like these.

The number one reason is that you’ve given him everything that he wanted.

You gave him your time, your emotions, your feelings, your commitment.

All of this without expecting the same from him in return.

If this seems to happen to you a lot…

Men start pursuing you, and then out of nowhere they stop the pursuit.

You’re a very good person, so when someone’s inside your inner circle you want nothing more than to share your everything with that person.

Unfortunately, to be successful in the area of men and dating, it doesn’t really work that way.

In order to keep a man pursuing you, he needs something to continually pursue.

It means that you need to make sure you’re moving slowly at the beginning.

Not only should you hold off on giving him your time, but also hold off on giving him your emotions.

Not because you’re playing games or anything, but instead because you’re not going to give all that up to someone you don’t know very well yet.

Remember: until you’re in that committed relationship and you’ve known him for long enough, he’s still a stranger.

Make sure you move slowly at the beginning and that you don’t give up everything at first.

This will keep him pursuing you.

You’ll automatically position yourself as that special person who deserves to be pursued.

Have you ever made this mistake? Giving him your all without expecting anything in return?

Comment below and tell me how you dealt with the situation.

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