The 10 Best And Worst U.S. Cities To Retire In 2016

See how your city fares.

If your dream retirement consists of warm weather, sandy beaches and palm trees, you’re in luck. Because Orlando, Florida, is the best U.S. city to retire according to an extensive new ranking by WalletHub released Monday. Rounding out the top of the list are two more Floridian cities, Tampa and Miami, along with Scottsdale, Arizona, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Source: WalletHub

The personal finance website ranked the 150 largest cities in America on its viability for retirees to spend their golden years, taking into consideration important variables like cost of living, availability of quality health care and recreational opportunities. Orlando takes the top spot this year, thanks to an abundance of activities for seniors ― plus we’re pretty sure there’s plenty to keep you busy when the grandkids come down for a visit.

Most of the cities that make the top 10 do offer warmer weather, but Florida as a whole is often ranked highly in WalletHub’s rankings for retirees thanks to its favorable tax laws. Last year, Tampa, Florida, took the top spot in their best cities ranking and the Sunshine State was ranked the best state to retire.

On the other hand, Providence, Rhode Island, was ranked the worst place to retire on the list, after scoring among the lowest in categories including health care and quality of life. Worcester, Massachusetts; Newark, New Jersey; Chula Vista, California; and Aurora, Illinois, rounded out the bottom five cities.

Other rankings, like’s annual list of the best cities for retirees have also favored several Florida cities and Scottsdale, Arizona.

So how does your city rank? Scroll through the top 10 cities below and head over to WalletHub to see the complete rankings and methodology.

Orlando, Florida
Orlando ranked sixth overall for recreational activities for retirees -- though we could argue it ranks No. 1 for the grandkids!
Tampa, Florida
Tampa was the most affordable city in the top 10 and the third most affordable overall.
Scottsdale, Arizona
Panoramic Images via Getty Images
Scottsdale takes one of the top spots as a clear retiree favorite with the highest over-65 population percentage on the list.
Miami, Florida
Getty Images
Miami was ranked second overall on the list for having an abundance of recreational activities.
Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Danita Delimont via Getty Images
Sioux Falls ranked No. 1 on the list for its health care.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Sin City is known for its variety of leisure activities, but it also ranked highly for affordability and quality of life.
Cape Coral, Florida
Getty Images/iStockphoto
This western Florida coastal city ranked highly thanks to affordability and quality of life.
Atlanta, Georgia
Luciano Mortula via Getty Images
Atlanta ranked third overall for it's recreational offerings for retirees.
Minneapolis, Minnesota
RudyBalasko via Getty Images
This midwestern city ranked second overall for health care.
Los Angeles, California
Andrew Zarivny
Los Angeles ranked second overall for quality of life.
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