The 10 Best Cities in the World

Nearly 80,000 travelers took part in a survey, casting 1.3 million votes for the world's best cities. No destination was too remote or too small, and no hotel was too new. Do you live in one of the world's best cities?
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Every year in our annual Readers' Choice Awards, we ask our fellow travelers to rate the world's best hotels, islands, airlines, and cruise lines. But of all the lists we end up with--crunched from 1.3 million votes this year--the most controversial is the list ranking the best cities in the world. It's always packed with surprises, and some of the big cities you might expect to see are nowhere to be found. So here it is, the Condé Nast Traveler list of the Top Cities in the World. Agree? Disagree? Voice your opinion in our Readers' Choice Survey and be part of next year's buzz.

Top Cities World

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