The 10 Best Domino Rooms of All Time

One thing we'll never shy away from: color. Every single bright and energetic shade. A whimsical mix of worldly textiles and vibrant hues -- including Moroccan floor tiles and dashes of sunshine yellow and cobalt blue -- make over this cooking space.
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photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO
We've brought together a few of our absolute favorite spaces over the years. We're still stealing every last trick and dreaming of making them our very own. Take a peek.

photography by JAMES MERRELL
Remember Rita Konig's one-bedroom apartment? How could one forget the charm. She turned a small-space around with her smart shopping picks, steadfast belief in comfort, individuality, and old-fashioned chance.
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photography by MELANIE ACEVEDO
There was a moment when we all realized paint could change a space--even the humblest rental apartment? Painting the walls and ceiling the same dark color blurred the spatial lines and makes the room's smallness less noticeable. The result: the bright white cabinets and artwork become the focus.
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photography by DOUGLAS FRIEDMAN
Any spot, from the entryway to a master suite, can possess a definite point of view. This spot comes together with elements that breathe the homeowner's true character: bare wood floors, dark doors, a gallery wall, and a bookshelf filled with necessities.

photography by PAUL COSTELLO
We learned very early on how color can transform any area of the home. Starting with the front door. An unexpected burst of blue is the ideal welcoming touch.
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photography by PAUL COSTELLO
When the right pieces come together, work can almost feel like play. A wall of inspiration, plenty of storage, and slate gray walls set the tone. A vintage chair goes mod in a bold black and white stripe and the sunny yellow pillow is the ultimate finishing touch.
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photography by ANNIE SCHLECHTER
From the very, very beginning, we realized that a few clever tricks could be game-changers. By that, we mean it instilled a sense of hope in small-space dwellers everywhere. Bookshelves became our go-to room dividers and best friends.
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photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE
After all of these years, we're still crazy for great kitchen design. Ali Cayne masters the art of open-shelving and shares her inspiration for adding character to a white space.
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photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE
The old axiom that a well-designed room should reflect the tastes, interests, and housekeeping desires of its owner might as well apply to outdoor spaces, too. Emily Henderson layers texture and oh-so-much color on her patio.
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photography by BRITTANY AMBRIDGE
One thing we'll never shy away from: color. Every single bright and energetic shade. A whimsical mix of worldly textiles and vibrant hues--including Moroccan floor tiles and dashes of sunshine yellow and cobalt blue--make over this cooking space.
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