The 10 Best Historic Homes, According To National Geographic

The World's Best Historic Homes

We've all visited a historic home, whether it was on an elementary school field trip or with droves of other tourists on vacations.

Certainly there are countless historic homes to visit the world over. From the New England homes of famous authors, to the many homes and buildings of Frank Lloyd Wright, we're constantly drawn in by the allure of an immersion into the past.

National Geographic has composed a list of 10 of them in their book "The 10 Best Of Everything."

Think of it as your history check list. How many have you visited? Are they worth the hype?

While you've chipping away at those historic houses, check out the 10 best UNESCO World Heritage sites, and the world's 10 best cathedrals.

#10 Thoor Ballylee, Gort, Ireland

Best Historic Houses

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