The 10 Busiest Days For Summer Travel

Obvious travel PSA of the day: Summer is a busy time to travel.

88% of Americans are planning on taking a vacation this summer, according to a poll by That's a LOT of people. And that means crazy lines at airports, busy highways and crowded train stations. Good times had by all.

Orbitz notes that the busiest days to travel will -- predictably -- be Thursday, Friday and Saturday, so consider vacations on Sunday through Wednesday if you can.

Can't swing it? Here are the 10 days this summer that are sure to be a clusterf***k any way you slice it.

1. Friday, May 23 (Memorial Day weekend)
2. Saturday, May 24 (Memorial Day weekend)
3. Thursday, May 29
4. Friday, May 30
5. Thursday, June 5
6. Friday, June 6
7. Saturday, May 28
8. Thursday, June 19
9. Thursday, June 12
10. Thursday, July 3 (July Fourth weekend)

Reminder: Here's when to book and how to get a good deal on that ticket, whenever you do decide to travel.

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