The 10 Commandments of Landing a Job

1. Research the organizations you are interested in. Look them up and see who they are, and what they need.

2. Your resume's objective must match the job description exactly.

3. Tell what you can contribute. They are not interested in what you need. Helping you is not their job.

4. Explain how your talents will benefit them. Be direct. Practice this out loud at home or with a friend or coach. It's difficult, but necessary. Don't wing it.

5. Compliment their company and them. Tell why you are impressed. This is not BS, but necessary bonding.

6. Don't think of an interview as a test with right or wrong answers. It is more a courtship: you must woo them. Look for clues to find things you have in common and ask about them.

7. If you don't have all the experience they're looking for, say that you are a dedicated learner. Give examples. Ask for a 3-month trial.

8. Ask for the job enthusiastically. If they say they are "still looking," ask what they are looking for. Explain how good a match you are and then ask again. Don't be obnoxious, just confident and eager to work.

9. Save the issue of salary for last, not first. Try to discover their rates. If you can't, ask for their range and try for the middle to the top.

10. Act the part of an employee. You are neither their student nor their child, but a trustworthy go-getter, just like them.

Make your luck happen!