The 10 Commandments of Taylor Swift's Squad

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.

Wednesday is National Best Friend Day, also known as the busiest day of Taylor Swift's year, as (we imagine) she rushes to bake personalized cakes and write heartfelt songs to each of her squad members.

But being a member of the world's most famous clique requires more than thoughtful Instagram captions and and a passion for impromptu dance parties. Behold, the 10 commandments all of Taylor's famous besties swore to embody, maybe even with a blood oath, to remain forever #SquadGoals. Or so we hope. 

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    After their <a href="https://www.huffpost.com/entry/taylor-swift-vmas-video-of-the-year_n_55df85b6e4b0b7a96338773c" target="_
    After their "Bad Blood" music video won Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards, each squad member that starred in the video received her own Moonman. 
  • Loyalty is key
    Gigi Hadid and Jaime King were both in attendance when Kanye West debuted his not-so-nice lyric about Swift at his "Yeezy Season 3" premiere. However, both squad members were quick to defend their pal on Twitter.
  • Sistas before mistas
    In the days after Swift's and Hadid's&nbsp;breakups with Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik, respectively, the two besties found co
    John Misa/ MediaPunch/MediaPunch/IPx
    In the days after Swift's and Hadid's breakups with Calvin Harris and Zayn Malik, respectively, the two besties found comfort in each other. A source told E! News that "Gigi and Taylor are actually confiding in each other as best friends during this time," and added, "They can really relate."
  • Believe in each other's dreams

    What dreams are made of. @derrtymo @haimtheband

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    Lots of friends have dance parties to their favorite artists. Few get to take their basement performances onstage with Nelly like TSwift and the Haim sisters did.
  • Stay true to yourselves

    Being ourselves at the VMAs.

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    Important for that one friend who tends to let her Instagram personality get the better of her.
  • Remember the little things

    The Surprise - The Finale @abigail_lauren @yelyahwilliams @dashboardconfessional

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    Swift could have surprised her longtime bestie Abagail with any artist in the biz, yet she remembered her, and every other '00s teen's, favorite high school song and had Dashboard Confessional serenade her instead.
  • Be each other's shoulder to cry on

    The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color. @selenagomez

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    During Selena Gomez's extremely emotional performance during the 2014 AMAs, she and Swift both broke down in tears. Swift later comforted Gomez in the audience, and then posted this adorable tribute to her friend.
  • Share in each other's success
    During Taylor's world tour for record-breaking album "1989," she invited members of the squad onstage at various shows to enjoy the moment with her.
  • Keep each other humble

    This was Abigail and me in 2005, sophomore year. Expect to see similar facial expressions tonight. #TheGRAMMYs

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    Swift may have dedicated an entire song and music video to her bestie -- "Fifteen" is about their high school experience -- but they keep each other grounded by remembering how far they've come.
  • Always have each other's backs

    Este-back ride. @haimtheband

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    Taylor takes this lesson both figuratively and literally.


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