The 10 Craziest 'SNL' FCC Complaints That Are Absolutely Real

As you're undoubtedly aware, the world is filled with crazy people. You've been to the mall before. You've seen them with your own eyeballs.

But have you ever thought about what those crazy people do when they go home?

Well, it appears that they all write letters to the FCC about how the cast of "Saturday Night Live" has been running a human trafficking ring since 1988.

Really. Somebody actually did that.

Because the Internet is wonderful, a Freedom of Information Act request was filed for every complaint about SNL the FCC has received in the last five years. That request was carried out and posted in its entirety on this website.

This document is 226 pages long and littered with paranoia, unabashed racism and homophobia, generally angry people, and, of course, fun. Lots and lots of fun.

We went through the whole thing over the weekend. We no longer have faith in humanity, but here are the most insane ramblings to the FCC about SNL. --Ben Collins

Actual FCC Complaints About 'SNL'