The 10 most creative Instagram accounts to follow

The 10 most creative Instagram accounts to follow
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We can't tell whether they are 100% sane but what we can assert is that they either make us roar with laughter or they make us see reality from a different perspective. Every image carries a surreal sense, double sense or is incredibly imaginative. As a result, we're transported to another universe with just staring at them.

The following are the 10 instagramers who lay their creativity at everyone's eyesight for us to relish with their ideas. We'll show you who they are.

1. @sejkko

From a minimalist concept, @sejkko makes us travel to a future where colour and surrealism are the main characters. He never runs out of creativity, the latter spanning from his masks to his houses series, which look less like architecture pieces and more like paintings which mix with the landscape to change into everything

2. @kitato

Graffiti and architecture merge with people to create surprising images. @kitato's one of the precursors of creativity in the instagram community and he has the ability to make art in unexpected stages.

3. @sheiku

@sheiku plays with soil, with his hands (literally), and shows everything in his gallery, which he uses as therapy and as a way to say out of the window. With just a few elements which we usually use, @sheiku generates photographs with an intense emotional load. Genius in Spanish hands.

4. @wandson

Legos, toys, stickers, cookies, everything counts when it comes to transforming the real world into a crazy trip of characters. @wandson achieves the former taking real care of his minimalist and conceptual style in every photograph.

5. @belilabelle

She always lets her imagination fly, @belilabelle says, however, she's afraid her imagination won't come back and thus, she sometimes encages it. When her imagination is free, we're joyous because her photographs break ties with reality.

6. @teresacfreitas

To get into a woman's head is quite a difficult endeavor (unless you're Mel Gibson in the film What women want). Nevertheless, @teresacfreitas lets us get into hers and allows us to see how fantasy, nostalgia, and reality mix creating the most exciting thoughts.

7. @anniset

The photographs she publishes are so great, funny, and profoundly felt, as the explanation or story which she tells with every picture. Her prose accompanies her images magnificently. Pastel colours beat the arm-wrestling game in her gallery and so does her imagination.

8. @aurelycerise

A flood of colour. That's this user's proposal and he plays with everyday elements, which he lays on a white background to make us have fun and dazzle. From a leave to a donut, any element which crosses her path ht be transformed into art.

9. @ibrsoul

A user who puts his hands in the dough. Syrian, his nationality, medical doctor, his profession, and creative, his trait in his everyday life. He finds pleasure in cooking and design and he shows us his most versatile and playful side by observing ul things in an unusual way.

10. @dcerejo

An insane universe which plays with perspective and has no qualm about portraying the characters of our tales and favourite films in their adventures that is, when they are not on a set...

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