The 10 Most Intimate Podcasts About Love and Sex


What is love? (Besides a really good '90s song, of course.)

Podcasts are the perfect place to talk about love because they feel intimate, and these podcasts are the most intimate of intimate. In very different ways, these hosts dive into the depths of their own love lives, guests answer the questions you always want to ask (but never do), and no stone is left unturned.


Modern Love
The podcast version of the beloved New York Times column showcases Modern Love essays, read by notable personalities (think, Judd Apatow, Sarah Paulson). A brief interview with the essayist follows the's the follow up you've been craving all these years! Start with: "An Interlude of Clarity"


Dear Sugar
Named after Cheryl Strayed's bestselling book, Dear Sugar brings her popular advice column to life. It's no surprise that many of the reader questions center around the deeper and darker questions about love. Nothing is taboo for Sugar and that's why we love her. Start with: "Is My Husband's Pot Habit A Problem?"


I Want It That Way
Bustle's Sex and Relationships podcast is a fresh and funny look into the less-frequented corners of sex, and it feels like eavesdropping on an interesting brunch conversation, in the best possible way. Start with: "Honestly Though...How Do Antidepressants Affect My Sex Life?"


Sex with Emily
If you don't know Emily, prepare to know her. As a long-time sex columnist and radio personality, and a true pioneer of sex journalism, you can count on her to go there and tell you all about it. Start with: "Lovers and Friend Zones"


Love Is Like A Plant
Sarah May Bates (Hello Giggles) teams up with me, Ellen Huerta, to answer the question "If love is like a plant, how do we keep it alive?" Whether you're heartbroken or happily in love, we explore what it means to love well in bite-sized episodes. Start with our first episode.


Though not strictly about romantic love, many of Lea Thau's stories center around relationships. Her addicting Love Hurts episodes dig into her previous romantic relationships and why she finds herself single in her 40s. You will not be able to stop listening, especially as she starts to interview former lovers. Start with: "Love Hurts"


TED Radio Hour
Are you surprised to see TED Talks on here? Don't be! While the topics of this show are not always on love, many of the episodes do explore relationship themes beautifully (although, we have to say, all of them are worth listening to). Start with: "How We Love, Just a Little Nicer" (about compassion in our relationships), and "Trust and Consequences"


Savage Lovecast
Host Dan Savage answers a wide range of callers' questions, and he has been doing so for a while...season 1 dates back to 2006! Pre-Serial podcast boom! Even when the answers seem unfocused, the substance at the heart of his answers is good: logical, kind, and with plenty of room for the ambiguous truths of relationships. Scroll through previous seasons to decide where to start - there is literally something for everyone!


Death, Sex & Money
Like Savage Lovecast, these episodes aren't exclusively on love and relationships, but many are. These earnest conversations focus on what it means to be human, and relationships are a big part of that. Start with: "Living Alone" and "Joy Williams' Public Breakup and Private Grief"


If you want slightly more professional advice on finding love and you're in the San Francisco area, you might enjoy this new podcast on dating hosted by two dating coaches. Though the topics definitely center around SF dating culture, you'll be able to relate to it even if you don't live in the Bay. Start with: "The $600 Dinner" and "DTF?"

What love and sex podcasts do you listen to? Add it to the comments!

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