The 10 Residents Every Landlord Encounters

In every apartment complex where college students are being housed, landlords will encounter several types of students, both good and bad. So for your entertainment, here are the 10 residents every landlord encounters in a campus town apartment complex.
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In every apartment complex where college students are being housed, landlords will encounter several types of students, both good and bad.

So for your entertainment, here are the 10 residents every landlord encounters in a campus town apartment complex.

1. The Needy Resident:

Every landlord has come across that tenant that calls for every little problem in the apartment. From problems that need to be addressed immediately to things you didn't even know were problems in the first place, this resident calls you to fix them all.

Maintenance is constantly in this apartment, and you've actually memorized their number because they've called you so often. While it's nice to feel needed, the constant calls get old really fast.

2. The Partiers:

There's always that apartment that has a party every single weekend, and sometimes even during the week. While you don't mind your tenants throwing the occasional party, this apartment somehow becomes a problem when you start getting noise complaint calls and find piles of garbage outside their door the next day.

While you can appreciate a good party, you're getting sick of these partiers and their non-stop partying. I mean really, don't they have tests to study for or something?

3. The Extremely Quiet Resident:

On the other hand, you have the resident that you never hear from. They are practically silent, take care of their apartment as they should and never cause you any problems in the least.

This is probably your favorite tenant if you had to pick one, and you appreciate their ability to care for themselves without any outside help.

4. The Popular Resident:

This is the resident that always seems to have at least 10 people in their apartment at all times. They obviously have many friends, but you wonder why it is they need to be at the apartment all the time?

If you've learned anything over the years, it's that the more people students pack into an apartment, the louder it gets, and that always spells trouble for you. So while you commend their ability to obtain friends, you wish they'd keep them outside of the apartment.

5. The Foreigners:

Foreign exchange students usually experience culture shock when attending a school in another country, and you find as you talk to them you learn quite a bit more about how different it is for them.

While sometimes it's hard to mediate between what they're used to and how they live now, you find that you always learn something new with these students around.

6. The Residents That Are Never Home:

Then, of course, you have the tenants that never seem to be home. I mean ever. They showed up to move in on the first day, but you swear you haven't seen them since.

While it's less work for you, which is always a plus, you can't help but wonder where they go, and why they never return. Do they live somewhere else too? Maybe they live a double life? You'll probably never know, but you won't ever stop asking.

7. The Residents That Never Leave:

On the other hand, you have the tenants that literally never leave. They moved in the first day of classes and then haven't left since. Again, this raises many questions: do they have classes? Don't they need to buy food?

While these aren't exactly problem residents, it still confuses you that they somehow manage to stay in school without leaving. But hey, they're getting the most out of their lease I guess, right?

8. The Complainers:

Then you have the residents that can't help but complain about every aspect of the apartment. These residents are very similar to the needy residents, but their complaints are usually things you have no power over such as their noisy neighbors.

As much as you love to hear about how acrobatic their upstairs neighbors are, you'd appreciate it if these tenants would learn not everything is fixable, and that the constant complaints are really starting to drive you insane.

9. The Dirty Resident:

There's always that resident that is either too lazy to bring their garbage down to the dumpster or that just doesn't care if they live in filth. Then of course, if you enter this resident's apartment, you always seem to find a complete mess.

You're happy you don't have to live in the mess, but you wish that they could at least clean up when maintenance stops by or before they move out. But I guess it's just normal that every once in a while you come across the dirty resident.

10. The To-Go People:

Finally, you have the resident that you swear has never cooked a meal on their own. In fact, you see the Jimmy John's to-go person at their apartment more than anyone else. While you can appreciate the occasional meal out to avoid cooking, this resident has never even touched their stove.

On the bright side, they've never set off the fire alarm by burning their meal, so I guess that's a plus.

Every landlord has encountered these residents at least once in their career, and students need to realize how much of an impact they can have on their landlord's life.

So try not to be the needy or dirty resident, but instead work to make your landlord's life a little easier.

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