The 10 Struggles Every Parent With A Teen Will Totally Relate To

All in a day's work.

Whether you’re running a house that’s crawling with teenagers or are an empty nester who’s dealing with your kid being back home from college for the summer, parenting your almost-adult is no easy task. Humor ― and lots of it ― is the best way to cope. 

Here are some struggles every parent of teenagers can totally relate to ― proving that you are not alone. 

How impossible it is to wake them up:

How terrifying it is to be in the passenger’s seat when they’re behind the wheel:

How their stomachs seems to be bottomless:

How thoughtful they are of others:

Yet they still don’t gain an ounce of weight:

How they think processed foods are the crux of a balanced diet:

How they’re almost adults yet you constantly have to clean up after them:


How hard it is to get even a moment’s peace and quiet:


How bad they are for your wallet:

 How gosh darn frustrating they can be:

 Teenagers ... gotta love ‘em



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