The 11 Germiest Spots In Your Home You’re Not Cleaning

There are a couple key spots that you’ve probably overlooked in the past.
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You've heard of spring cleaning... but what about summer cleaning? Cleaning might seem like an old habit at this point, but there are a couple key spots that you’ve probably overlooked in the past. Be sure to target these 11 germiest spots during your next cleaning!

1. Kitchen sponges

We don’t often think of sponges as the source of germs, but those little scrub brushes absorb soap, suds and scum. Make sure you’re switching them out or disinfecting them in the dishwasher or in a bleach mixture on a regular basis.

2. In between appliances

Sure, we wipe down the stove and the countertops throughout the day, but the nooks and crannies between appliances are frequently overlooked. Make sure to take the time to sweep out those cobwebs and forgotten scraps during your cleaning spree.

3. The microwave

It’s not that we don’t notice the splattered walls or the residue caked onto the inside of our microwaves, but it never seems like we have enough time to scrub it down. Well, no time is better than the present!

4. Refrigerator

Some of us are more diligent than others about wiping down those shelves and pitching any food that has expired, but it is also important to take the time to scrub out those bins and door shelves too. Beneath those rows of condiments and bags of veggies lies a whole world of hidden germs!

5. Reusable grocery bags

Just because these handy sacks are a wonderful way to help out the environment doesn’t mean you should neglect them during your spring cleaning! Treat them like your clothes and run them through the washer every couple of weeks to keep those germs under control.

6. Tops of things

The words “out of sight, out of mind” tend to be the catchphrase of busy moms when it comes to getting our clean on. We scrub, vacuum, and disinfect everything in sight, but a lot of germs lie out of our view. Make sure to target hidden places like the top of the refrigerator and cabinets during your next cleaning spree.

7. Small electronics

Believe it or not, items like your cell phone, your Kindle, the remote, and even your headphones are some of the dirtiest things in your home. They are constantly being touched by sticky fingers, dropped under the couch, and wedged between cushions. Cleaning them is as simple as scrubbing them down with a disinfectant wipe!

8. Light fixtures and fans

Have you ever looked up and noticed the hefty collection of bugs and dust cradled in your ceiling light? The arms of fans aren’t much better, and dirty fans can propel that dirt and dust into the air you breathe. This is the perfect task for your hubby!

9. Broom

Cleaning your cleaners is probably the No. 1 most forgotten chore out there! All those straw strands collect dust bunnies, dirt, bugs and mold, which makes it a veritable pool of germs! Be sure to use your vacuum head to suction out all that grime every once in awhile.

10. Blinds

Window blinds are dust hotspots, and they can be a real pain in the butt to clean! All you need is a dry sponge to wipe off all that grime, though. This might be the perfect task for a child anxious to help out Mom!

11. Gym bag

You wouldn’t go without a shower after hitting the gym, would you? Well neither should your gym bag! Chances are, your bag is lined with sticky Gatorade residue, protein bar crumbs, and a bunch of other debris that you didn’t even notice! Make sure you toss it in the washer every couple weeks to keep it nice and clean.