The 12 Best Social Media Posts About The Agency Life

If you've been in the employment world for more than...a month ― chances are you have come across an agency. From job placement agencies to creative and social media agencies, they play a fundamental part in the work force infrastructure.
Or you might be one of those lucky fellas who actually work at an agency. Woo, you got clients. How fun. You've got some pitches to prepare! And some more emails to send during the weekend! Hooray. The agency life is all so familiar to the people who've worked for an agency at least once in their lives because it's like unlike anything else anyone encounters. The hours are crazy. The clients are (mostly) crazy. And somehow an 8-hour-working-day is not even remotely enough for all the briefs and tasks that keep piling up.

We're here to entertain you with some of the best social media posts that describe the #agencylife. Enjoy.

Sofia Katsali has a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science and she's the founder and social media producer of entertainment blog Propcake. She has been interviewed by MTV Act for her online work and is passionate about all things digital, design, films & TV shows.