The 12 Days of Christmas for 2010

I've been making my list and checking it twice. Here's what I'd like for the 12 days of Christmas -- some of the gifts to be spread throughout the coming year.

12 Lame-Duck Congressman to vote their conscience.

11 Tea Partier House members to ask themselves what sense it makes to work for a government if you don't believe in governing.

10 billionaires to commit to give away $100 million dollars each to non-political causes.

9 hundred thousand Fox watchers to tune into Rachel Maddow for just two nights.

8 pounds average lost from all overweight children.

7 percent unemployment.

6 hundred thousand sales of electric cars.

5 million people to spay and neuter their pets or adopt from shelters.

4 homes to be the voluntary maximum owned by any one American.

3 million North Koreans soldiers to revolt against the Kims.

2 ex-Presidents named Bush to denounce Islamophobia.

1 current President to discover how to say "No."

Yes, it's arbitrary, but no more so than 8 Maids-a-Milking. And while most of them won't happen, all of them could.

Make your own list. Who knows, after all, how the universe works? The Santa I believe in definitely reads the Huffington Post.