The 13 Questions Every Journalism Major Is Tired Of

You chase the story, you beg for sources, and you do as many unpaid internships as you have to. You are a journalism major and sleep no farther than 10 feet from The Associated Press Stylebook. While you are proud of your decision to be a deadline chasing, byline loving journalism major, here are the questions you are sick of answering. (Read this post for similar frustrations.)

1. You know those jobs don't pay well, right?

I do. You know it pays nothing for me to tolerate your presence, right?

2. Did nobody tell you that those jobs are really competitive?

Hence why I'm doing lots of unpaid internships and trying to get good grades.

3. So you are just going to like follow people around?

In between meeting deadlines, writing copy, interviewing sources, and researching, I'll try to find time for that.

4. Isn't the news boring?

Yep. God forbid we stay informed.

5. Are you nosy, or just being a journalist?


6. Hey did you hear [insert news story that is four days old]?

Yes, did you hear that America got it's independence from England?

7. Why do you carry a video camera around?

I need SOT's, VO's, and Nat sound. Speaking of which, can I interview you real quick?

8. Hey, why don't you write about [insert topic that has nothing to do with anything]?

Because nobody but you cares.

9. How do you know what to write about?

Those Facebook trending topics don't hurt.

10. Hey did you hear [news story that you actually haven't heard about yet]?

"Nope, I have no idea what you're talking about." [Looks it up feverishly].

11. Will there be TV or newspapers in 5 years?

1) I hope so. 2) Do I look like I'm in a position to be answering those questions?

12. But isn't social media taking over? Do we even need the news anymore?

Yes, though between the Meninist and Cloyd Rivers accounts, I'm sure there's something substantial out there.

13. Why don't you do a paid internship?

Why don't you ride a unicorn? Oh yeah, they don't exist.

At the end of the day we put up with a lot, but...