The 14 Private College Presidents That Are Paid The Highest Percentage Of Their School's Expenditure

Many college presidents are paid quite a handsome sum of money for their services. However, the base number is sometimes not the full story. The more shocking salaries are ones that take up a significant part of these school's budgets.

The Chronicle of Higher Education recently ranked the 14 private college presidents that get paid the highest percentage of their school's expenditure.

The Chronicle has more:

For the first time, The Chronicle examined presidential compensation against other variables, such as university expenditures and faculty salaries. Most colleges spent a very small percent of their budgets on their presidents, a median of 0.4%. But some earned much more: Charles H. Polk's total compensation of $1,843,746 amounted to 3.5% of the total university budget at Mountain State University. The West Virginia college has recently struggled with accreditation problems and has a 2.5% graduation rate for first-time, full-time students seeking a bachelor's degree.

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