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The 14 Stages Of Your First Soulcycle Class

As told in "Parks and Recreation" GIFs. Because why not?
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As told in "Parks and Recreation" GIFs.

You've tried other workouts before, but they've never quite stuck.


But then your coworker went on and on about her favorite SoulCycle instructor.


So you were like, "OK, I'll give it a shot. This could be fun..."


Even though you tend to stay away from physically exerting yourself.


And it costs a small fortune.


So you get there, and there are lots of lights and loud music and people who look like Victoria's Secret models.


You start to rethink your decision, but it's too late to turn back now, so you clip into your bike and class starts. Right out of the gate you're breathing so much heavier than everyone else.


But wait! A few songs later, you've entered a kind of euphoric state.


You're actually keeping up now. You are the queen of choreography.


Nope, spoke too soon. Hills this steep can't naturally occur in the world.


How did they trick me into thinking torture was fun?


But you're able to limp your way to work the next day, where your coworker asks when the two of you can go back together.


And you're all like...


Because visible abs are overrated, and you look pretty damn good just the way you are.


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