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The 15 Cutest Home Buys From The 2017 Ikea Catalog

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Photos courtesy of Ikea.

Every year sees the release of a new Ikea catalog, and with it, the collective dream-sigh of budget-minded homebodies everywhere. Unlike its girthier cousin, the Restoration Hardware catalog, the Ikea edition is a borderline-achievable romance novel for your apartment, complete with assurances that you can build most everything inside yourself.

This year, the catalog theme is Goodbye expectations. Hello you! which sounds like an inspirational game show hosted by Ashton Kutcher. Ikea hopes to offer up "solutions that help people to live a life free of traditional expectations," in order to "rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating, and being together." Sounds like a plan.

Scroll through to see some of our favorites from the 2017 catalog -- and let us know your thoughts in the comments!


A Rubik's-cube-inspired storage solution for your clutter.

Ikea Lixhult Storage Combination, $185.00, available at Ikea.


Even if you failed geometry, you'll fall for this rug. (Those are polyhedrons, right?)

Ikea Pandrup Rug, $49.99, available at Ikea.


These tiny baskets are a great addition to any kid's room -- or if you're a kid at heart.

Ikea Knatting Basket, Set of 4, $12.99, available at Ikea.


This sleek table doubles as storage...

Ikea Kvistbro Storage Table, $59.99, available at Ikea.


...and comes in a smaller version as well. They could even work as wastebaskets!

Ikea Kvistbro Storage Table, $49.99, available at Ikea.


Pardon our French, but this pouf is fantastique!

Ikea Jordbro Beanbag, $49.99, available at Ikea.


Too. Cute. For. Words. (And only $200!)

Ikea Söderhamn Corner Section, $200, available at Ikea.


This ain't your grandma's rocking chair.

Ikea Grönadal Rocking Chair, $249, available at Ikea.


Sunnersta? More like Stunnersta! This versatile beauty is perfect for the home office or kitchen.

Ikea Sunnersta Utility Cart, $29.99, available at Ikea.


Quite possibly too cool for school. (But feel free to stick it in your dorm room for an instant upgrade.)

Ikea Roskilde Rug, $79.99, available at Ikea.


We know you're not supposed to play favorites...but this little guy kinda is our favorite.

Ikea Gladom Tray Table, $29.99, available at Ikea.


We love this cute candleholder (and we're pretty sure it could do double duty as a jewelry stand).

Ikea Enighet Candleholder, $12.99, available at Ikea.


Banish bad handles with these horseshoe-esque pulls.

Ikea Borghamn Handles, $3.99, available at Ikea.


We think you'll get the hang of small-space living with this pair of handmade planters.

Ikea Viktigt Hanging Planters, $24.99, available at Ikea.


Basically art underfoot. You could even hang it on a wall.

Ikea Birket Rug, $139.00, available at Ikea.

By: Sean Santiago

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