The 16 Worst People You Meet On A Friday Night, In GIFs

The 16 Worst People You Meet On A Friday Night
Server and customers tasting wine
Server and customers tasting wine

As a person who works Monday through Friday, I thoroughly enjoy a good Friday night outing. After a long week full of reading and writing about terrible things happening to people, celebrities generally just being jerks and endlessly discussing insanely famous babies, I like to get out. I put on my comfiest heels, favorite skirt and one of my large selection of cheap sheer shirts, then head somewhere that I know has prosecco and cocktails that took entirely too much thought power to "design."

In all my Friday nights and drunken evenings out, I have witnessed a lot of weirdos, creepers, mistakes and hot-people-who-know-they're-hot, but there are certain token bar people who will always be there. And while they can be so very awful, it is also a little endearing to see the same personalities with different faces pass through your night time and time again. Here they are, in GIF form.

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