The 1975 Stop Concert To Pay Tribute To Manchester Attack Victims

Lead singer Matt Healy gave an impassioned speech about the attack during the band's show Monday night in Detroit.

On Monday night, a horrific terrorist attack claimed the lives of 22 people and left 59 injured at Manchester Arena, in England, where Ariana Grande had just finished a concert. 

The “Into You” singer, along with a slew of other stars, responded to the news on social media with touching notes to those affected by the tragedy.

Broken. From the bottom of my heart, I am so so sorry. I don’t have words,” wrote Grande.

The 1975, a band that hails from Manchester, was also among those who spoke out about the terrible incident. In between songs during the band’s show in Detroit, Michigan, Monday night, lead singer Matt Healy expressed his sadness and anger about the attack. 

“I’m bored of nationalism and I’m bored of racism,” he told the crowd. “It’s over. Nationalism, religion, all these regressive things ― they’re over. We can’t carry on in the way that we’re carrying on.” 

He continued, “We’re from Manchester, right? And where we used to hang out — the actual place that we used to hang out ― someone put a bomb in there tonight, and then killed a bunch of kids that were going to a fucking show. In Manchester.”

Healy went on to call the attack “bullshit,” noting, “I don’t know what it’s in the name of, so I apologize if it’s not in the name of religion, if it’s not in the name of nationalism, but these are things that keep happening and I’m fucking pissed off about it. And I’m sorry, but you’re the only people I’ve got to talk to about it.” 

You can watch his entire speech in the video above. 



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