The 20 Best Coworking Spaces Across the Globe

We took aesthetics, wifi capabilities, location, and communities into account.
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With remote working comes freedom and flexibility — but sometimes working from home can get a little stuffy. Coworking spaces provide freelancers with a shared work space that’s affordable, as well as a community of fellow-freelancers for making connections and building friendships. As the job market continues to shift, creating more and more remote positions, coworking spaces are also beginning to steadily pop up across the globe.

Rounded up below are 20 of the best coworking spaces in the world, taking into account aesthetics, wifi capabilities, location, and communities.

Hubud in Bali, Indonesia

At the bamboo haven of Hubud, you’ll find Bali’s fastest internet connection, an assortment of micro-environments that foster both socializing and solitude, and a cohort of ambitious remote workers. A main room, loft, organic cafe, garden area, conference room, meeting room, and Skype booth make up the Bali facilities, and Hubud even offers coliving packages that include accommodations, a rental scooter, airport pickup, and an unlimited coworking space membership.

NeueHouse in Hollywood, California

You’ll find NeueHouse in the heart of Hollywood in the landmarked CBS Radio Building. With seven stories of working spaces (including recording studios used by the likes of Orson Welles, Lucille Ball, and Bob Dylan), NeueHouse members are often involved in the film, design, fashion, architecture, and publishing industries of Los Angeles, creating an eclectic crowd of artists and entrepreneurs. Two outdoor decks also take advantage of L.A.’s phenomenal weather, so there’s no chance of cabin fever.

The Work Project in Hong Kong, China

Created by hoteliers who know the ins and outs of hospitality, The Work Project in Hong Kong feels more like a luxury resort than it does an office (and we mean that in a good way!). Ergonomically designed and beautifully decorated, The Work Project pulls out all the stops for its members, including custom-blended tea, a customized music selection, mail handling, and a carefully curated daily food selection.

Patchwork in Paris

You’ll find Patchwork in the heart of Paris. This unique coworking space clearly gets its name from its colorful interior design and conceptual basis of bringing together designers, architects, bloggers, photographers, creators, and entrepreneurs into one space. You can acquire membership for either the shared coworking space, an open space desk, an office, or a meeting room.

BeacHub in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Located on one of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, BeacHub offers ocean breeze inspiration and fiber optic wifi. Members work at a beachfront shared desk, have beach and shower access, and can dine at Karma Beach Kafe (one of Thailand’s finest dining establishments). Hammocks are also available for lounging and working, making BeacHub the ultimate beachfront coworking space.

B. Amsterdam in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam’s former IBM headquarters is now home to one of the city’s coolest coworking spaces. B. Amsterdam offers memberships for both fixed desks and flex desks, depending on your budget. All B. Amsterdam members also get access to the building’s gym, events, photo studios, and the rooftop garden. A fresh, daily lunch is available on-site for those who are interested.

Ministry of New in Mumbai, India

Located in Mumbai, India, Ministry of New provides a main 2200 square foot workspace for members, along with a high-ceilinged quiet space, four naturally-lit team rooms, an outdoor-indoor corridor, breathtaking views, a cafe space, and multiple meeting rooms. Beautifully designed and decorated, this unique coworking space provides the perfect combination of retreat and socialization.

The Working Capitol in Keong Saik, Singapore

The Working Capitol is a newer coworking space with a well thought out list of amenities and intentionally designed work areas. Lounge and breakout areas can be found amongst the phone booths, event spaces, meeting rooms, and shared desk areas, as well as showers, a magazine library, an on-site cafe, storage lockers, and even a weekly members’ lunch.

Dojo in Bali, Indonesia

Only a one-minute walk from Echo Beach, Dojo offers a versatile workspace for freelancers wanting to create an enjoyable work-life balance. This two-story venue is surrounded by lush, tropical gardens, filled with air-conditioned conference rooms, and contains both open spaces and nooks for collaborative or individual work. The real clincher though? The pool.

Factory Berlin in Berlin, Germany

With over 16,000 square meters of office space, Factory Berlin is the coworking home to some of the top technology businesses in the world. Marketing itself as a “business club” the networking at this coworking space is top notch, as are the facilities, which boast everything from yoga lessons to flex desks to outdoor patio access.

The Farm in New York City, New York

While it might be situated in the world’s busiest concrete jungle, The Farm creates a friendly, relaxed working space that provides a warm interior reminiscent of a farmhouse and an even warmer community of supportive members. Access to this space is available 24/7 with monthly membership, and remote workers have the choice between shared desks or having a dedicated desk.

Betahaus in Barcelona, Spain

This six floor coworking space never gets boring with a ground floor cafe, patio, and classroom space. Continue upward to find the first floor coworking space and meeting rooms, a second floor coworking space and terrace, a four floor event space, a fifth floor siesta club, and a rooftop terrace. Located in the gorgeous city of Barcelona, Betahaus provides the perfect space for working, hosting an event, networking, and socializing.

WeWork Weihai Lu in Shanghai, China

WeWork has garnered a name for itself across the map, but its Shanghai, China office is one that has us doing a double-take. WeWork Weihai Lu can be found in a once historical London style mansion transformed into a modern workspace. Micro-roasted coffee, printing, private phone booths, high speed internet, and weekly networking events (including happy hours!) are just some of the perks.

Parisoma in San Francisco, California

Want to bring your dog to the office? Need somewhere to park your bike? Craving a complimentary breakfast every Friday? The Bay Area’s Parisoma meets all of these needs for its coworking members, and then some. This dynamic work space combines open office table seating with dedicated desks and private offices to create an exciting hub for freelancers. And did we mention they serve PHILZ coffee?

Punspace Nimman in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Along with having a well-designed interior, Punspace also has a charming front courtyard for those days when you feel like working under the sun, or simply taking a break to relax outside. Amenities include Skype rooms, private offices, lockers, and even an additional membership at the Tha Phae Gate location of Punspace.

CoworkingC in Las Palmas, Spain

CoworkingC provides a small and intimate coworking space where everybody knows each other’s names. Along with being all about community, this coworking space is only steps away from the beach, where unlimited surfing with CsC is provided. Need somewhere that balances hi-speed wifi with island life? CoworkingC is your spot.

OPEN in Johannesburg, Africa

Combining the best of physical and virtual environments, OPEN is Johannesburg’s gem coworking space. Different membership types allow for hotdesking, booking boardrooms, and free printing. You can also begin a tab at the coffee bar with member-only prices or a take a swing on the professional indoor putting green.

Duke Studios in Leeds, England

If you’re looking for a hip, creatively driven coworking space in vicinity of Leeds, England, you should definitely look into getting yourself a membership at Duke Studios. Offering coworking space, desk rentals, and even studio space, you really have your pick of arrangements here. It's beautiful, it's affordable, and it's full of interesting people — what else could you ask for?

BoxJelly in Honolulu, Hawaii

BoxJelly is Hawaii’s first coworking space, and the founder has placed an emphasis on the community aspect of coworking, helping to foster a safe space for collaboration and networking between members and non-members alike. A phone booth, conference room, and multiple corporate rooms are available, as well as a shared coworking space for all members.

Workplace One in East Toronto, Canada

Located a short walk from Downtown Toronto, Workplace One’s locale is as attractive as its interior (dozens of designer shops and artisanal cafes surround the area). Smartly designed work spaces serve the lively and cultured atmosphere that exists here, making an innovative and inspiring space of entrepreneurship.

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