The 2009 MTV Movie Swag Awards

As the cool and trendy the MTV Movie Awards rolled in to town this weekend, so did the gifting suites leading up to the event. The weather may not have been as summery as one would hope, yet despite overcast skies and cooler-than-normal temperatures, celebs still showed up to get pampered, collect goodies and socialize. That said, here come the best of the 2009 MTV Swag Awards.

The 2009 MTV Movie Swag Award for Best Overall Variety goes to:

The 2009 MTV Movie Award Red Carpet Style Lounge: Held by the Secret Room Events and the SLS Hotel, this is Secret Room's third win in the category. Judging by all the goodies from the gazillion (okay, not quite) vendors - and an additional bonus gift bag upon check-in - we're sure you'll agree :

Highlights: This suite had something to wear for any occasion including tunics from C+C, bamboo woven pants from the eco-chic boutique Jonano, Anika bikinis, Eva Varo dresses, Millionaire Mafia tanks & tees, contouring under garments from Du Mi, bras by Ittybitty and flip flops by Blowfish Malibu.

For the face and body there was shimmery make-up and facial cremes from Skin Blends, HD friendly cosmetics from Nikko, beauty and skincare products by Sanitas, Atache, Adonia and Vagosang. Those who travel to NYC received a day pass to the Setai Club with VIP access privileges to the Aqua Grotto water and heat lounge. Relax that bod!

Other items included Mustella products for babies, fashionable reusable bags from Envi and tanning gift cards from Sunstyle Tanning. The piece de resistance item came courtesy of Caribbean Living Magazine, which handed out gift certificates on behalf of Elite Island Resorts. Celebs got to choose up to 7 nights accommodation at their choice of resort at either Antigua, Tortola or The Grenadines. What a way to finish things off!

(Donations upon entrance benefited the Downtown Women's Center of Los Angeles.)

The 2009 MTV Movie Swag Award for Most Eclectic goes to:

Melanie Segal's Celebrity Gift & Charity House: The suite, located in a four story Spanish Castle in the Hollywood Hills, donated 100 meals to L.A.'s needy in honor of each celebrity who attended.

Highlights: Socket Sense Surge protector that expands from 13 to 18 inches to allow over-sized power adapters to plug in. No more blocking extra sockets! FlexUSB Adapter that bends and rotates to allow it to be used even in the most cramped locations. Genius! Keri hand lotion designed to stay on through multiple hand washings. No need to reapply again and again. Sleek and rounded carry-on luggage from Mandarin Duck and L'Eggs hosiery's new anti-cellulite "Profiles," which smooth and shape the body while whicking away moisture.

Other goodies included Cosabella underwear, Mawi jeans, Dramatic Radiance cream from DDF, Vera Wang's Rock Princess perfume, hats by Christy's, Nature's Cure acne treatment line, shirts, hoodies and thermals by Primp Clothing. Those ready to dig in to some summer reading could pick up such novels as author Meg Cabot's "Airhead," Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games" and Maureen Johnson's "Suite Scarlett." To satisfy the sweet tooth, Wonka candy had an assortment of candies including the classic Nerds, Gobstopper's and Fun Dip Candy. Yum!

The 2009 MTV Movie Swag Award for Best Party Atmosphere goes to:

GBK Productions 2009 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge: Tucked high away in a private estate in Hollywood hills, this suite was the ultimate pool party complete with on-site tanning from Spray Tan Factor and complimentary facials and massages from High Maintenance Mobile Spa. Guests were escorted to the house from the valet area in Volkswagen's new 4 door luxury coupe, The CC. Donations were given to the Ashe Foundation, which distributes shoes, clothing and services to needy children in African nations.

Highlights: Who says people in Hollywood don't eat? Elixirs were served by Ocean Bar Service along with healthy and nutritious food from and chef Andrea Rozsas. For dessert there was NitroCream's custom made ice cream and gelato. Oh, and since we're talking pool party here - there was the requisite hot dogs and veggie burgers cooking on the grill. Plus, who could say no to one year VIP cards from Johnny Rockets which serves unlimited dinners for 4 at any location!!!!

Other freebies included graphic apparel from Faded Fool, Dr. Breck Bags' cowhide wallets, briefcases and purses, free fitness training sessions from Lalo Fit, Revitalash mascara, skincare from RN Factor, jewelry from Tara Moor Paris and Maggie Jewelry and accessories from Cool Three. Celebs left with the handy Mobigrip, a peel 'n' stick device that attaches to your handheld with a bungee cord that wraps around your finger. It'll never fall from your hands again! Keyah Grande Guest House in the San Juan Mountains was on hand to give out gift certificate vacation packages. Meanwhile, Blue Fin Surfbars & Surfboards were gifting free surf lessons.

The 2009 MTV Movie Swag Award for Best Piggy Back suites goes to:

Beauty Haven at the Byron & Tracy Salon in Beverly Hills: Capitalizing on the gifting mood of the MTV related suites, the salon held its own to celebrate the coming of summer.

Highlights: Celebs like Nicole Ritchie, Rebecca Romjin, Rosairo Dawson, Ali Larter, Amanda Peet and Leslie Mann were pampered with manicures and got their hair highlighted and blow dried while sipping Alize champagne cocktails and eating finger foods from The Little Next Door.

Additionally, guests picked up everything they needed to kick off the summer including dresses, rompers and yoga clothes from Express, Carrera Vintage Sunglasses and Cover Girl's latest make-up including lipstains and shimmery volumizing mascara.

Honorable Piggy Back Mention goes to:

The Oakley 'Intro to Summer' event at the Skybar: Celebs like Vanessa Hudgens and Zachary Levi were gifted with Oakley's newest products including luggage, beach towels and sunglasses. Various new shades made their debut including the Split Thumps that come with detachable MP3 headphones and an eco-friendly pair of Bob Burnquist Gascans made out of recycled materials and bamboo. Oakley set aside a pair specifically for eco-conscious actor Adrien Grenier.

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