The 2014 Emmy Awards, As Tweeted


I hosted yet another Twitter party during the 2014 Emmy Awards at #EmmyExp. The gang gets together mostly to talk about the marketing, but we end up rapping about just about everything related to the awards show.

The night got off to a bad start for most of us ... mostly because it was on a Monday night. Who wants to see this stuff on a Monday night? Even the host made fun of it as a sign that the Emmys are over. Perhaps.

There was lots of beef about, quite honestly, because none of us could get home from work in time to see the red carpet. What's an awards show without seeing the red carpet? It's like ice cream without sprinkles, shopping without a credit card, or as some said... sex without a little playing around first. It just wasn't the same. We couldn't get into it, because there was no ramp up. So unsatisfying.

While certainly not a new phenomenon, it was fascinating to see the continued evolution from network dominance to cable creativity to Netflix binge watching. My how television has changed, and it was more obvious than any prior year.

There was lots of commentary on the celebrity tans... bad spray tans I might add... I guess "orange is the new tan."

Big advertisers included Audi, Samsung, AARP, NBC (the originating network), and Dove. None of them really stood out, if I'm going to be honest. And in fact both Samsung and Pepsi had movie-themed creative which seemed sort of odd for an awards show that celebrates great television. There was actually no sign of any custom advertising; nothing was tagged to the awards or to television. Felt like a big miss.

This little ditty from Depend was a standout though... with a bit of a shocker at the end. All I have to say is Brava and #Underwareness! Click here to see it.

Since we missed the red carpet, at least we were treated to the Twitter mirror from ET! While most of us couldn't see the stars enter, at least we could see them ham it up from backstage. It added a little bit of fun to what otherwise felt like an lackluster production. It's like everyone was tired because it was Monday night. Who does these things on Monday night? There we go again!

Weirdest moment of the night was Weird Al, probably by design. His medley left most of my tweeters feeling a bit of an ick. Interesting that Weird Al, who has been around for decades, is seeing a surge in his celebrity popularity, at least in recent moments. It was a weird moment at best.

Biggest winners for the night were Modern Family, Breaking Bad, and American Horror Story... at least to my eyes. I'm personally a big fan of all three.

Was it a shining moment for celebrating television? Not by a long shot ... but maybe it could have been if it was on a Sunday night.