The 2016 Election Is Secretly A 'Game Of Thrones' Episode, According To The Internet

Which is a scary, scary thought.

Violence, tyranny, incest, betrayal and corruption ... and we’re talking all before the primaries. 

With the divisiveness plaguing the upcoming presidential election, “Game of Thrones” fans have been quick to point out the remarkable similarities between the fictional show and the race for one of the most important positions in the world. According to Tumblr, the presidential candidates could easily be stand-ins for “GoT” characters, and vice versa. 


People are comparing Donald Trump to King Joffrey ...

... and accusing him of being a corrupt Lannister in general.

People are confusing plotlines for actual political events.

They’re convinced that the political contenders are based off “GoT” characters ... 

... and that Bernie Sanders might be the hero that America and Westeros both need.

Even Trevor Noah agrees!

Seriously, Americans would rather have a fictional character be president than any of their current options.

People are using the show to make sassy political statements.

Is it time for the season finale of this election yet? Because we could really use a break.

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