The 2017 LOL Comedy Honors’ Recipients Have Been Announced

The 2017 LOL Comedy Honors’ Recipients Have Been Announced
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Hidden Agenda presents the inaugural LOL Comedy Honors, set to take place at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday, August 24, 2017. Red carpet will begin at 6:00pm EST and doors open at 7:00 pm EST for general public. The LOL Comedy Honors is a ceremony dedicated to gather in celebration of the many legends that pioneered the art of comedy, while also honoring the comedians of today who've utilized their talents and creativity to entertain millions.

Hosting this monumental awards show will be veteran comedians Bill Bellamy and Kim Coles. Both Bellamy and Coles are no strangers to the industry and are thrilled to be able to honor their peers with recognition that is long overdue. There will also be special musical performances, tributes, and of course comedic skits throughout the evening. Here’s the official list of the 2017 Honorees who were hand pick by the families of the legendary comedians:

Paul Mooney: The Honor for Creative Excellence

George Wallace: The Living Legend Honor

Marsha Warfield: The Comedy Queen Pioneer Honor

Terry Hodges: The Charlie Murphy Road Warrior Honor

D.L. Hughley: Voice of a Generation Honor

Mike Epps: The Richard Pryor Lifetime Achievement Honoree

Luenell: The Moms Mabley Legacy Honor

Lil Rel: The Bernie Mac King of Comedy Honoree

Joe Torry: The Robin Harris Legend Honor

John Laster: The Ray Murphy Memorial Honor

Juhahn Jones: The Social Media Comic Influencer of the Year Honor

A Special Tribute to the Queens of Comedy ( Mo’Nique, Adele Givens, Sommore and Laura Hayes)

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