The 2017 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers

The 2017 Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Last Minute Shoppers
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Tis’ the season for laughter, quality time with family & friends, and of course shopping. While others are fighting over discounted televisions on Black Friday, I am usually enjoying day naps due to an overload of turkey and my rigorous work schedule. I’m that girl you see in the mall on Christmas Eve with a laundry list of items I still need to buy for my loved ones. After seeing how crowded the stores are, it’s pretty obvious, I’m certainly not alone.

The second hardest thing about holiday shopping, is figuring out how to pick the perfect gift for the special people in your life. After googling several gift guides and spending way too much time and effort going from site to site, I decided to create the ultimate gift guide of my own, to provide my readers with some new and refreshing gift ideas for every person on your holiday gift list. Whether you’re looking for gift ideas for your mom or dad, significant other, kids & babies, boss/colleague, techies, beauty junkies, foodies, fitness enthusiasts, the fashion forward, fur babies (pets), gifts that give back, gift cards (people will actually be excited to use), gift sets, or just plain old stocking stuffers, this is the guide you’ve been waiting for.

So without further ado, drumroll pleeeeease (c) Chevy Chase

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The Adventures of Noah’s Flying Car: Through China


Author Arden Pala

This is a great book to add to your child’s library for so many reasons. It's a book written by a kid (Arden Pala, 8 Years Old) for kids. The project was funded by a non-profit called Kids4Community. The proceeds from the book sales will benefit the scholarship fund of Francis Parker School in San Diego. Author Arden Pala launched his new book series to help kids and his fellow peers learn about different cultures around the world and promote understanding of diversity. He came up with the idea while accompanying his parents on a business trip to China. The very first book in the series is titled The Adventures of Noah's Flying Car: Through China. Arden can’t wait to write his next book in the series, which he plans to write about his travels to Mexico, Turkey and various historical areas in the USA. He will have many more adventures to come with his flying car. Purchase the book for your kid and explore fun facts and information about China. Your child will learn about the country’s culture and historical sites. It also has many things kids love to read about like flying cars, siblings, hidden caves, ice cream and much, much, more. “This book is a perfect fit for your holiday season as 100 percent of all sales go to my school’s scholarship fund. This book also has lots of information and facts about China that are fun and cool to learn about. Thank you for taking the time to read my book, it means so much. I cant wait to share more stories on places I travel and write further books,” Author Arden Pala. The Adventures of Noah's Flying Car: Through China ($8.99) is available at

Family Tree Bracelet x

<p>Family Tree Bracelet</p>

Family Tree Bracelet

“The Family Tree Bracelets ($50 - $100) were designed with all women in mind to signify the beauty of family no matter how yours is built. Choose from a variety of colors, mix and match and layer with what you already own. You can’t go wrong because in addition to being a chic addition to your wrist, 100% of the profits are donated to’s adoption grant program. Kids need homes and homes need kids. Adoption is the answer.” Becky Fawcett, Founder, President The Family Tree Bracelets are available at

Limited Edition SHOWE(RED) Kit




Baxter of California has teamed up with (RED) to raise awareness and funds for the AIDS fight. Dedicated to making a difference, the launch of the Baxter of California limited edition SHOWE(RED) Kit ($65) will donate 20% of retail sales of this kit to the Global Fund in support of (RED)’s fight. This kit includes Sulfate-Free Daily Face Wash, Daily Fortifying Shampoo, Invigorating Body Wash – Citrus and Herbal Musk Scent and Aluminum-Free Deodorant. The limited edition kit is available at Baxter of California.

Cocoa Santé

<p>Hot Cocoa</p>

Hot Cocoa

Cocoa Santé

“Cocoa Santé is the perfect gift that gives back, not only because each antioxidant-rich blend is an all-natural treat friends and family can feel good about indulging in, but because so many people benefit from the cocoa. While loved ones are enjoying the health benefits of Cocoa Santé in their mugs, small-scale farmers and non-profits in North, Central and South America are also benefitting, not to mention Harbor Sweets donates 5% of their profits to local charities. Giving back and enjoying life’s little comforts are what the holiday season is all about, so give tins or individual packets of all-natural Cocoa Santé and spread holiday cheer both far and near!” Give back this holiday season while enjoying the delicious variety Cocoa Santé has to offer. The Cocoa Santé Hot Cocoa collection is available at Harbor Sweets.

Mission Belt - Canvas Collection

<p>Canvas Collection</p>

Canvas Collection

Mission Belt

Believe it or not, finding the perfect belt for the special man in your life can be tricky. Even if you select the right size, you still may have to adjust or add more notches on a belt in order to achieve a true fit. The Mission Belt is a stylish belt that uses an adjustable buckle mechanism instead of measured holes. With an array of colors and mix & match options, the mission belt is a true game changer. Plus, $1 from every belt sold goes to fight hunger and poverty worldwide. “The Mission Belt Canvas collection has a ton of style about it. It’s not your everyday leather belt and it’s not just for formal occasions. It’s the perfect balance of style and versatility. You might not see everyone wearing it this year but for the fashion forward it’s a must have for the collection. Like all Mission Belts, it fits perfect due to the unique ratcheting system that allows for 1/4 inch increments and thanks to the philanthropic Mission attached to every belt, you will be looking good and feeling good this holiday season,” Zachary Holzapfel, co-founder at Mission Belt. The new Canvas Collection is available at

Norbert’s Little Lessons for a Big Life



By Julie Steines, Virginia Freyermuth, with photographs by Mark Steines.

“2017 had some challenging times for a lot of people. Norbert's ongoing mission is to inspire kindness and make people smile. In his new book Norbert's Little Lessons for a Big Life ($10.79), Norbert shares uplifting messages and adorable photographs. It is the perfect gift to bring joy, comfort, cheer and happiness to people of all ages.” Author Julie Steines. Norbert’s Little Lessons for a Big Life is available at retail stores and at Amazon.

The UNICEF Kid Power Band

<p>Star Wars Bands</p>

Star Wars Bands


Only 1 in 4 children in the US receives enough physical activity, and almost 1 in 4 children around the world suffer from malnutrition. UNICEF KID POWER is here to take on both of those challenges. Enter, The Unicef Kid Power Band. This Star Wars themed activity tracker, is perfect for the kid (or kid at heart), who loves technology, and the parents who want to reduce screen time. Not to mention, what could be better than instilling a sense of philanthropy in the next generation. To-date, Kid Power has saved the lives of over 52,000 malnourished children. It is available at , or your local Target store.

DIFF Eyewear

<p>Zoey Black + Grey Polarized Lens</p>

Zoey Black + Grey Polarized Lens


DIFF Eyewear makes it easier than ever to make a DIFFerence this holiday season. DIFF is not only a stylish (and affordable) gift to give, but also for each pair of sunglasses purchased, they give back. The brand has partnered with Restoring Vision on a one-for-one mission in which for each pair of sunglasses purchased, they donate a pair of eyewear to those in need where the resources aren’t readily available. DIFF has a wide range of styles including; cateye (my go-to), square, round, aviator and many more. My personal favorite pair is the Zoey Black + Grey Polarized Lens ($85). Purchase these chic and stylish sunglasses without breaking the bank. Available at

Feeding America - Gift Catalog

<p>Feeding America Gift Catalog</p>

Feeding America Gift Catalog

Feeding America

If you’re looking for a way to help families in need this holiday season, check out the Feeding America Gift Catalog. Feeding America, the largest hunger relief organization in the United States, provides annual food assistance for 46 million people in virtually every community across the country, including those effected the most by the hurricanes and wildfires. The organization offers a variety of gifting options, including fresh fruit and protein at a range of price points. To review the Gift Catalog, please visit

Bee Harmony Honey – Beesponsible Promise

<p>Bee Harmony Honey</p>

Bee Harmony Honey


“The holiday season is all about giving – giving thanks, giving back, and of course, giving love and gifts to one another! Bee Harmony Honey makes a sweet holiday gift because it helps people do all three of those things AND it’s delicious, so you can feel good about giving it to your friends and family. We actually created Bee Harmony to support our Beesponsible movement, which celebrates the deep connection we share with bees, raises awareness of the threats facing bees, and inspires people to Beesponsible by actively participating in efforts to keep bees a healthy and thriving part of our world. So, when you gift Bee Harmony Honey you’re helping raise awareness for the Beesponsible movement. And if you want to help inspire others to Beesponsible too, you can pair our honey with a pollinator friendly plant or a book on bee gardening to create a thoughtful gift, a buzz worthy conversation starter and a way to help save the bees – talk about harmonious holiday giving,” Jessica Cummings, Director of Communications, Beesponsible. Bee Harmony Honey is available at

Cool Effect - Gift Packs

<p>Gift Packs</p>

Gift Packs

Cool Effect

Cool Effect, is an organization that takes immediate, tangible action to reduce climate change by supporting great carbon reduction projects across the globe. The organization is thrilled to announce the launch of its new gifting packs, providing creative and impactful gifts for anyone and everyone who cares about saving the Earth.“With the success of Cool Effect’s gift options last year, we decided to launch an even more robust portfolio after hearing from our community of supporters,” said Marisa de Belloy, CEO of Cool Effect. “This year, we’re providing gift packs that are more personal, that will not only be appreciated gifts this holiday season, but all-year-round.” Each tax-deductible gift pack is available at a recommended donation level of $25 or $100, or you can choose custom dollar amount to be gifted. Cool Effect’s gift packs are available at



Goodbye selfie sticks! I can’t tell you how many times I tried to take a selfie with friends and family, but no matter what I do, someone gets cut out of the photo or you can see my extended arm in the shot. Not to mention the amount of times I dropped my expensive iPhone on the floor, trying to get everyone into one image. Introducing AirSelfie, a camera and drone in one. After watching the product video above, I guarantee you will want to buy one for the techie in your life, and even one for yourself! “AirSelfie is the perfect gift for friends and family looking to take their selfie game to the next level. It’s even small enough to take on your holiday vacation,” said Stefano Cabella, CEO of AirSelfie. The AirSelfie ($339.25) is available at


The Switchmate Starter Kit allows you to control your lights and devices with your phone, voice, and even remotely when you’re away from home. I can’t tell you how many times I left the house wondering “Did I turn off my curling iron?”, haunted by the thought of burning down my house just to look fabulous on a Saturday night. Swtichmate is the solution to those unwanted panic attacks. You can set multiple timers on the light switch and the power outlet, so lights and appliances can turn on/off automatically. “The world’s first and only no-installation smart light switch, just snap, tap, and start to enjoy automated lighting with multiple timers, motion, and voice activation for any light switch in your home,” CEO of Switchmate, Dean Finnegan. Switchmate ($39.99) is available at and 37 retailers nationwide, including Home Depot and WalMart.

Coby Premium Bluetooth Speaker

<p>Coby Premium Bluetooth Speaker</p>

Coby Premium Bluetooth Speaker


The Colby Premium Bluetooth Speaker is compact yet powerful. The built-in handle makes it extremely convenient for portability. You can take it to the beach, on a picnic, camping, anywhere your heart’s desire. This speaker is built to last and designed in a heavy, brushed aluminum construction. The sleek, block shape design fits perfectly in any location or compact space in your home. You can seamlessly stream and share music, movies and games anywhere. The multiple built-in mic allows you to easily pickup calls with just quick touch of an answer button. The Colby Premium Bluetooth Speaker ($39.99) is available at Amazon.

Reach Smartphone Case by BRINK CASE

<p>Reach Smartphone Case </p>

Reach Smartphone Case


Reach Smartphone Case by Brink is the answer to all your ”no signal” prayers. This innovative case extends a smartphone’s internal antennas to improve signal strength. You won’t find a case like this anywhere on the marketplace. A multi-patented, micro-thin antenna is embedded inside and automatically pairs with the phone’s antenna to improve performance. As a result, you will experience fewer dropped calls, greater coverage, and faster data speeds. The Reach Case is available for the iPhone 8 / 7, iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus and the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ on AT&T and T-Mobile. Additionally, reach case is available for the iPhone 6/6s, iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus for AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint. "Our Reach case reduces the number of dropped calls and increases data speeds - it’s the ideal case for active people who want to increase the range and performance of their phones,” said Gentry Jensen, CEO BRINK CASE. The Reach Case ($44.99) is available at BRINKCASE.COM

ThermaSol Touch x The Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head


This is what I expect the showers in heaven to look like. No seriously. ThermaSol products will make your shower experience feel more like a day at the spa. I recommend watching the product video so you can see I’m not exaggerating. The ThermaTouch LCD touchscreen controller, allows you to access and personalize all aspects of the shower and (or) steam room including; steam duration, temperature settings and individual memorized pre-settings to Tranquility, a new visualization and sound effect experience, used in conjunction with ThermaSol’s new Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head. The Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head provides a unique combination of mood lights, chromotherapy and in-shower lighting, sounds, as well as relaxing video scenes to create a shower experience, comparable to none. “With these new products and experiences, we have elevated the home spa to its highest level and our hope is that homeowners will understand that at ThermaSol, we extol the physical and emotional aspects of the home spa experience. Our mission has always been to promote wellness through the benefits of steam and the steam shower experience. I think these products really accomplish that.” The ThermaTouch & Serenity Light, Sound, Rain Head are available at select locations. Visit to learn more.

Skyroam Solis

Skyroam Solis

This is the ultimate gift for the techie who loves to travel. The Skyroam Solis is a dual 4G LTE global WiFi hotspot and power bank. This innovative hotspot connects users with mobile WiFi on the go through its proprietary global WiFi network powered by patented virtual SIM (vSIM) technology. Users get instant access to secure, unlimited data in 100+ countries. Shareable on up to five devices simultaneously. Travel the world without configuring local SIMs and updating plans. Say goodbye to roaming charges and overage fees! The Skyroam Solis ($149.99) is available at

Otto Digital Lock

Introducing Otto, the most secure digital lock designed around the family experience. The Otto allows homeowners to provide access to their home remotely, via an app or entry code. This amazing digital lock allows you the freedom to grant access to anyone you choose, whenever you choose, from wherever you are. Otto replaces your existing deadbolt and connects over Wi-Fi and BTLE, allowing secure one-touch access to your home. Watch the video above to learn more. Otto ($699) is available at

TIcHome Mini

If you're thinking of buying a smart home product for the techie in your life, try the TicHome Mini by Mobvoi. Out of all the smart home gadgets currently on the market, the TicHome Mini is the only wireless device, making it more convenient for travel and everyday activities. "TicHome Mini’s built-in battery and splashproof IPX6 rating gives you the most versatile hands-free smart speaker to date. Bring it anywhere in your home and experience a life of new possibilities with the Google Assistant by your side," Mobvoi N. American Director Ying Zhou. The TicHome Mini ($99.99) is available at If the techie in your life is looking for a smart watch, you may also want to check out the Mobvoi Ticwatch S&E. Have the power of Android Wear™ right on your wrist.

Headspace Headphones by Damson

<p>Headspace Headphones</p>

Headspace Headphones


Headspace Headphones by Damson features bluetooth audio technology, noise cancellation and wired playback for up to 16 hours. Plus, they are very comfortable and soft on the ears. "Whether you’re listening to your favorite album on a plane, watching the “cannot miss” box set on the train, or simply concentrating on hitting that work deadline you’re up against, HeadSpace delivers," Damson CEO - James Talbot. Headspace Headphones ($149.99) are available at


Miss Garcia Shoes

<p>Tiffany Boot</p>

Tiffany Boot

Miss Garcia

Miss Garcia is a Spanish luxury footwear brand made in Spain and acclaimed for its standout styles, effervescent colors and impeccable, hand-crafted quality. Unlike most heels on the market, Miss Garcia uses special technology in the soles that create ultra-comfort for the fashion forward woman in your life. Every season, Miss Garcia creates a new collection of show stopping heels, that are sure to turn heads. “Miss Garcia’s AW17 collection is an ode to the most explosive form of femininity, inspired by the most representative values of the Charlie’s Angels and their strong aesthetics, splashed with the 70’s brightness.In the same way Tiffany Welles was the most glamourous and elegant character of the show, our Tiffany neoprene high heel peep-toe bootie will set your pace with deep sparkle and will surprise you by its unbelievable comfort,” Elena Garcia, Founder of Miss Garcia. The Tiffany Boot ($393.98) is available at

Barton Perreira Sunglasses

Every fashionista has a huge collection of sunglasses...but I’’ll let you in on a little secret, she can never have enough. Barton Perreira sunglasses are ultra chic with a wide variety of styles in vibrant prints and colors. "Barton Perreira sunglasses make the perfect holiday gift. There is an undeniable level of craftsmanship that the wearer will truly appreciate and the beautiful styling and meticulous construction will stand the test of time. They are an exclusive gift that will be coveted now and far into the future." Patty Perreira, Designer and Co-Founder of Barton Perreira. Barton Perreira, is available at many online retailers, including: Barney’s, Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Nour Hammour Seine Bronze Jacket

<p>Siene Bronze Jacket</p>

Siene Bronze Jacket

Nour Hammour

You may have seen your favorite style icons like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Oliviva Palermo rocking this uber stylish Parisian brand. Nour Hammour is a fashionistas dream come true, known for their luxurious leather jackets. If you want to make the fashionista in your life jump for joy, check out the Siene Bronze Jacket. “The Seine perfecto is for the woman whose innate style makes her stands apart - the bronze metallic leather with discrete studding give it a cool and understated Parisian vibe,” Co-Founders, Nour Hammour and Erin Conry Webb. The Nour Hammour Siene Bronze Jacket ($1,400 USD) is available at

Wilhelmina Defining Beauty

<p><em>Defining Beauty</em></p>

Defining Beauty


Every fashionista has dreamed of walking the runway like the stunning supermodels of the legendary Wilhelmina agency. Defining Beauty highlights five decades of fashion with features by A-list celebrities including Anjelica Huston, Beverly Johnson, Gia Carangi, Jessica Simpson, Zoe Saldana, Demi Lovato and Whitney Houston. The book, written by fashion journalist Eric Wilson and a forward by supermodel Patti Hansen, is a celebration of the iconic imagery of the dazzling individuals that have shaped the agency’s legacy. Defining Beauty was released on November 14th in celebration of the agency’s 50th Anniversary. "Wilhelmina Defining Beauty is a must by for lovers of Fashion, Modeling and fashion history. Wilhelmina Cooper was one of the original "Boss" pioneers, starting her own agency in 1967, at a time when less than 5% of all businesses were run by women - Wilhelmina wasn't bossy, she was the boss” CEO, Bill Wackermann. Defining Beauty ($42.58) is available for purchase at Rizzoli stores and on Amazon.

Cole Haan

<p>Women's ZERØGRAND Waterproof Hiker Boots</p>

Women's ZERØGRAND Waterproof Hiker Boots

Cole Haan

This holiday season, Cole Haan launched an incredible collection for the 2017/2018 winter season. Whether it's a holiday event or a trip to a mountain getaway, Cole Haan has just the right accessory in this new collection. I love the Women's ZERØGRAND Waterproof Hiker Boots. These boots are masterfully crafted in waterproof patent and fuzzy shearling. They feature Cole Haan's Grand.ØS technology for all-day comfort, perfect for trudging through the city on inclement days. As a New York City career woman, I appreciate a pair of boots that are comfortable yet practical without compromising style. An absolute must-have in my book. Don't forget to checkout the new men's styles in the collection as well. Cole Haan never disappoints. The Women's ZERØGRAND Waterproof Hiker Boots ($270/4 color ways) are available at and in Cole Haan retail stores.

Wild Mantle

<p>Dreamer Bamboo Triangle Poncho</p>

Dreamer Bamboo Triangle Poncho

Wild Mantle

Wild Mantle is not only fashion forward, but it’s also a comfortable and sustainable brand. The Dreamer Bamboo Triangle Poncho is made of featherweight and breezy organic cotton and bamboo, soft to the touch and incredibly chic. It’s the perfect cover up that will compliment every body type. Best of all, it’s handcrafted in the USA. "I designed the Dreamer on a trip to the Riviera Maya and it has turned out to be one of our most popular gift items; the one-size-fits-all asymmetrical design makes the piece flattering to all different body types, and everyone always melts over how soft the material is." Founder Avi Loren Fox. The Dreamer Bamboo Triangle Poncho ($64) is available at



<p>Two Below Zero - Limited Edition</p>

Two Below Zero - Limited Edition


Nothing says winter to a guy like a new pair of “Timbs”. This holiday season, Timberland released Limited Edition 6-Inch boots. The Two Below Zero Premium Waterproof Boots are the perfect gift for the man in your life. If you want to buy your boo something that will put a smile on his face and that you’ll actually see him wear, look no further. The Two Below Zero boots are a testament as to why timbs have always been at the forefront of the winter footwear space and always will be. Plus, while you purchase a pair for him, you could throw-in a pair for yourself. Timberland also released a pair for women. These limited edition boots retail for $220 (men’s) and $190 (women’s). The Two Below Zero Boots are available in Black Ice and Frostbite. Purchase them today at

Gucci Money Clip

<p>Sterling Silver Interlocking G with Bee Money Clip</p>

Sterling Silver Interlocking G with Bee Money Clip


These days the less is more mantra is becoming more and more popular. The days of George Costanza and his ginormous wallet seem to be going extinct. The problem is the more fashionable wallets get, the slimmer they become. The less room there is for things like cash. That leaves guys with benjies floating loosely around in their pocket; things can get pretty messy and unorganized. “The GUCCI Sterling Silver Interlocking G with Bee Money Clip blends fashion & function, making it the perfect holiday gift for the sophisticated gentleman in your life,” Thomas J. Blumenthal (President & CEO, GEARYS Beverly Hills). The GUCCI Sterling Silver Interlocking G with Bee Money Clip ($220) may be just what the doctor ordered. Find this great gift among others at

Ravean Heated Jackets & Gloves

Ravean is a new state of the art heated jacket your significant other will love (and actually wear). The new Rugged version was designed based on the feedback the brand’s very successful Kickstarter campaign. It can be used for outdoor actives including, hiking or ski/snowboarding, commuting, or for construction workers on a job site. It’s now compatible with most power tool batteries and it has a USB jack to charge your cellphone. The Ravean jacket features an ultra-tough, wind & water resistant outer shell, multiple pockets, two battery locations (one for jacket, one for phone/device charging) and new patented heated cuffs. The ultimate jacket for the outdoorsmen. Purchase the jacket with Ravean heated gloves ($59.99), touchscreen sensitive, to complete the look. “Anyone looking for a tough and durable jacket to keep them warm, especially when they are hard at work in the cold, will be completely satisfied with RUGGED,” Fisher said. “With an inner soft breathable liner and tough softshell, RUGGED keeps the elements out and the heat in, regardless of the outdoor environment,” CEO Bryce Fisher. Ravean jackets are available at Limited inventory left, they will go fast!

Fresh Clean Tees

Fresh Clean Tees

What guy wouldn’t love new t-shirts every month like clockwork? Talk about staying “Fresh to Death”. The Fresh Clean Tees monthly subscription service gives you multiple options, sured to fit your man’s style. Whether he’s a crew neck or a v-neck guy, Fresh Clean Tees ($36/month) has it all. "Tee shirts are the foundation of every guy’s wardrobe, so it’s important that they not only look great but they feel great when you’re wearing them. As simple as they are, guys tell us all the time that with Fresh Clean Tees, every tee shirt in their closet has become their favorite tee shirt. If you can provide your loved ones with a gift that they’ll love almost every day, that’s a surefire win." Founders Matthew and Melissa Parvis. Available at

Philosophy Mens Duo - Renewed Hope for Men

<p>Philosophy mens duo renewed hope</p>

Philosophy mens duo renewed hope


Guys value good skincare too. Philosophy Men’s Duo Renewed Hope includes a mattifying moisturizer & the microdelivery face and body scrub. Formulated especially for men’s sensitive skin, the mattifying moisturizer is enriched with skin-soothing ingredients to calm and comfort freshly shaved skin. The lightweight texture absorbs quickly, offering immediate and lasting hydration without heaviness or greasiness, leaving skin feeling soft, smooth and renewed. The micro-delivery face and body scrub gently buffs away rough, dry skin as it refreshes and lightly tones, leaving skin smooth and refreshed with a healthy-looking glow. Proven to minimize ingrown hairs and improve overall skin texture with each use, it’s a perfect pre-shave primer, as well as the go-to for great-looking (and feeling) skin, top to bottom. The Philosophy Men's Duo is available at



If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses for the man in your life, but it’s very rare he takes off his eyeglasses, look no further. MOSCOT CLIPZEN are the perfect clip on shades that look stylish without compromising his eye site. “A MOSCOT Clip-on is the perfect way to accessorize your prescription glasses and instantly turn them into your favorite new sunglasses! An added bonus: the CLIPZEN, clip-on for The MILTZEN, rests perfectly in your shirt pocket, ready to double down for when you step outdoors... Fashion meets function for the ultimate gift,” Zack Moscot, Vice President / Chief Design Officer. MOSCOT CLIPZEN ($90) is available at MOSCOT.COM.

G-Shock Connected Gravity Master

<p>G-Shock Reveals First-Ever Connected GravityMaster </p>

G-Shock Reveals First-Ever Connected GravityMaster


If you want to wow your significant other this year, G-Shock watches never seem to disappoint. Introducing the GRAVITYMASTER GPW2000-1A ($800), the first-ever bluetooth connected model in the Master of G series. The model, built specifically for aviation experts, features connected GPS capabilities including Mission Stamp – a function that will record time and location, transmitting the information via Bluetooth to a special Smartphone Link app, which can then be viewed in a flight log. Not to mention G-Shock is known for their durability. This gift will last for many holidays to come. Available at

American Made Supply Co. - French Terry Zip Hoodie

<p>French Terry Zip Hoodie </p>

French Terry Zip Hoodie


This American Made Supply Co. french terry zip hoodie, is a staple item your significant other should have in his closet. The lightweight fabric wears well all day. Throw it over a classic t-shirt during the day or fit it perfectly under a jacket at night. Throw on any denim or pant to complete the outfit. Nothing is more comfortable or softer than french terry. When you purchase one for him, buy one for yourself. This hoodie is also available for women. The French Terry Zip Hoodie ($74) is available at American Made Supply Co.


Deka Lash Eyelash Extension Studio

<p>Deka Lash True Volume</p>

Deka Lash True Volume

Deka Lash

Let’s face it. Every woman strives to have longer and fuller lashes. It comes as no surprise eyelash extensions are the fastest growing industry in the beauty world. If you want to give your loved one a gift card she will be excited to use, Deka Lash Eyelash Extension Studios have lash extension styles perfect for every woman ranging from; very natural, natural, dramatic, lush and True Volume. Technicians at Deka Lash use an individual lash technique and go through an extensive training program to ensure the customer’s natural lashes remain healthy and strong. Get the woman in your life a gift card to try the new True Volume™ launch, designed to integrate seamlessly with any set of Deka Lash classic lashes. This allows for a fully customizable service designed around each client’s unique needs and desires. Deka Lash has locations across the United States. The studios feel more like a spa, so your gift card will help promote relaxation while beautifying your loved one all at the same time. "Give the gift that keeps you looking beautiful all day with no effort at all. Eyelash Extensions will enhance natural eyes by giving you a refreshed new look with little to no maintenance," Founder of Deka Lash, Jennifer Blair. Deka Lash Gift Cards are available at



We all hated doing chores when we were kids, but even as a adults a little part of us hates it too. Cleanly laundry service will take on that chore for you and you don‘t even have to leave your doorstep. "Time is our most precious resource. I can't think of a better gift than giving someone you love the gift of time. Gifting Cleanly is an easy way to do that by helping someone you care for get rid of the most tedious of chores - laundry," Tom Harari, Co-Founder & CEO of Cleanly Laundry. The gift cards are available in any custom amount. The most common denominations are $25, $50 and $75. Gift cards are available at


Sometimes I look at all the photos in my iPhone and think to myself, what's the point of capturing precious moments if they are just going to sit on my camera roll. The new service LIFIE transforms captured content into share-worthy movies. It’s a short, handcrafted movie curated from crowdsourced video and photos, perfect for preserving, reliving and sharing life's defining moments. With an affordable human editor and royalty-free soundtracks, that pile of data can be turned into a compelling, shareworthy story that truly can bring a tear to your eye. If you don’t believe me, watch the video above and see for yourself. Give the gift of a LIFIE (in the form of a gift card – either physical or digital) to one of your favorite people, so they can create their own movie. LIFIE ($150 per video + $5 per minute) gift cards are available at


<p>Modsy Interior Design </p>

Modsy Interior Design


We've all watched those amazing reality TV shows where interior designers come into a home and give it a complete makeover. Despite being open to the idea of revamping your home decor, not everyone can afford it. Modsy interior design is only $69 and you'll receive a virtual interior designer who will make your humble abode into your dream home. "A Modsy gift card is the perfect last-minute gift for the new homeowner, design lover, or first-apartment dweller on your list. They will receive home design guidance and lifelike 3D visualizations of their space to eliminate the guesswork from designing and shopping for their home. Modsy puts the tools of an interior designer at your fingertips, allowing your loved ones to create a space they love and you enjoy visiting!" Shanna Tellerman, CEO and Founder of Modsy. Gift cards available at Modsy.Space.



Ice cream will put a smile on anyone's face. Can you imagine having it delivered to your door? At, you can dream up your own custom flavor with add ins, and design/personalize the label. Choose from over 40 rotating flavors & 30 mix-ins. I guarantee one order will not be enough. eCreamery offers an ice cream of the month gift subscription. "A gift card for ice cream is the sweetest indulgence. You spoil them by treating and then they get to choose the flavors and when it will arrive!" Abby Jordan, Founder of eCreamery. Gift cards available at


We all love receiving candy around the holidays, but sometimes boxes of chocolate only contain a few pieces we actually like. What if I told you there is a service that will allow you to select the exact type of candy you want? According to CEO and Co-Founder, Elisabeth Vezzani: “What makes a Sugarwish the perfect gift card, are all of the ways it is different from traditional gift cards. A Sugarwish is as simple to purchase as a gift card, and the recipient does get to choose what they want —but that is where the similarities end. Sending a Sugarwish takes about 2 minutes and all you need is an email address. The recipient gets a delightful trip to a virtual candy shoppe where they pick their favorite treats. All the costs (including shipping to anywhere in the U.S.!) are taken care of on the front end. It is ideal for any type of gifting —but especially during the holidays, when lists are long and time is short. People want an easy way to send a thoughtful gift that they know their recipient will like. That is exactly what Sugarwish is, and it is why Sugarwish was created in the first place. Sweet happiness--delivered is our specialty. :)” Gift cards from $18.50 - $238, and are available at

Curating Simplicity

Curating Simplicity

Curating Simplicity wants to help people live a more mindful and purposeful life, starting with de-cluttering and organizing their space. By taking the hassle and stress out of de-cluttering and organizing, Curating Simplicity helps customers clear their space, free their mind and take back their time.“Curating Simplicity helps people clear their space, free their mind and take back their time. Our service helps people become better versions of themselves starting with de-cluttering and organizing. Our service has been created with the stressed out person in mind. What better gift than giving a loved one the gift of time to focus on what is most important to them — family, friends, career, wellness, health. Gift certificates are available for purchase and can be redeemed for our de-cluttering and organizing services." Joanna Black Founder and CEO Curating Simplicity. Gift cards for Curating Simplicity ($450/3 hour de-cluttering) are available at

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Natural Makeup

Jersey Shore Cosmetics

The celebrity-loved beauty brand, Jersey Shore Cosmetics, offers safe alternatives to toxins in cosmetics and skincare. The products range from sun-protection, skin-care, natural makeup, children products, and more! Celebrities such as Jenni JWoww Farley, Kathy Wakile, Nicole Snooki Polizzi and Christina Milian have fallen in-love with the brand and its unique products. ““At Jersey Shore Cosmetics, we create some of the finest all natural cruelty-free products in the marketplace. You will be thrilled to know that we also have natural and organic products for men and Kids. While you are gifting our nourishing body butters, hand creams and decadent bath salts to your favorite grownup, go ahead and toss a few of our Jersey Kids organic lip balms into your favorite kids’ stockings and send the best (AMH) beard oil on the planet to your favorite guy.,” Jacquelyn Quattro, Founder of Jersey Shore Cosmetics. Gift cards ($25 in value/no expiration date) are available at


Andrea Groussman Fine Jewelry

<p>14KT Rose Gold Diamond Pave, Diamond Baguette and Emerald Slice Earrings</p>

14KT Rose Gold Diamond Pave, Diamond Baguette and Emerald Slice Earrings

What girl doesn’t like jewelry? If you’re unsure what to get the special woman in your life, look no further. Andrea Groussman Fine Jewelry has a wide range of stunning earrings, rings, necklaces and bracelets guaranteed to bring on the “wow” factor. After browsing Andrea’s website, I came across these stunning emerald earrings that left me mesmerized. “Emeralds are known as “The Stone of Successful Love” so these 14KT Rose Gold Diamond Pave, Diamond Baguette and Emerald Slice Earrings are the perfect gift for the woman you want to show love and loyalty to this holiday season,” Andrea Groussman, owner of Andrea Groussman Fine Jewelry. The 14KT Rose Gold Diamond Pave, Diamond Baguette and Emerald Slice Earrings are available at

White Rabbit

<p>(Re)Fresh Set of Thong Underwear, </p><p><em>Available in Black, Blush and Burgundy </em></p>

(Re)Fresh Set of Thong Underwear,

Available in Black, Blush and Burgundy

White Rabbit

There's no better gift a woman can receive in her life, than making her feel confident and desirable. White Rabbit is a modern lingerie brand featuring the most comfortable bamboo intimates for everyday wear. "The (Re)fresh set is perfect for the gal who likes to be comfortable, but also a little sexy. Made with uber-soft lace and bamboo, she’ll use these again and again.” Mariana Hernandez founder of White Rabbit NY. The Fresh Set of Thong Underwear, $41 ($14 per pair); available at

Jemma Sands

<p>Dahlia Necklace</p>

Dahlia Necklace

Jemma Sands

Designer Jennifer Heim’s dream was to share her love of the ocean and fashion with the world. Each piece is hand crafted and the perfect accessory for sun kissed skin, whether on the sand, sea or street. The Dahlia necklace is the perfect gift for the special woman in your life. “I love the Dahlia necklace. Your significant other will love this delicate pyrite and south sea pearl necklace—it is the perfect layering piece. It’s timeliness, effortless + chic, just like her. Plus, it has just the right amount of sparkle for everyday!” Jennifer Heim, designer of Jemma Sands. The Dahlia necklace ($135) is available at


<p>Scentbird Monthly Fragrance Subscription Service</p>

Scentbird Monthly Fragrance Subscription Service


The Scentbird fragrance subscription service is the gift that keeps on giving. Your significant other will get the opportunity to browse Scentbird’s 450+ designer and niche brands including; Gucci, Kate Spade, Burberry, Helmut Lang and many more. This monthly service delivers a 30-day supply of fragrance of your choice in an easy to spritz bottle. In addition to the monthly subscription offer, Scentbird also has an amazing assortment of hand creams and bath & body products, that your girlfriend/wife will love. Scentbird also offers a monthly fragrance subscription service for men as well. Scentbird monthly subscription service is available at

Top it Off - Noelle Gloves

<p>Noelle Gloves</p>

Noelle Gloves

Top It Off

The new Top It Off Noelle Gloves are the perfect accessory for that special someone in your life. Keep her stylish but warm, and make sure she never misses a texts. The Noelle Gloves have touch screen capability and made with faux fur. Who said keeping warm can’t look good? The Noelle Gloves ($25) are available at

Ioanna Ring Set via Pandora’s Box Collection for Motif

<p>Ioanna Ring Set via Pandora’s Box Collection for Motif</p>

Ioanna Ring Set via Pandora’s Box Collection for Motif


Gift your significant other with the Ioanna Ring Set via Pandora’s Box Collection for Motif. This double set designed by Daily Mail Style Director and Celebrity Stylist Pandora Amoratis, is sure to make onlookers do a double take. The set includes two rings: a regular size, and a midi ring that sits just above the knuckle, feature a flower and spike design encrusted with clear stones. The meaning of Ioanna is gracious, just like your loved one. The Ionna Ring Set ($38) is available at Motif.

Stella Resin Choker by PONO

<p>Stella Resin Choker</p>

Stella Resin Choker


Every lady likes a little bling and the PONO Stella Resin Choker does not disappoint. Made from beautiful Italian resin, this colorful choker is sure to sparkle and turn heads! Stella Resin Choker ($265) is available at PONOByJoanGoadman.

Cander Paris Candles

<p>Cander Paris Candles</p>

Cander Paris Candles

Cander Paris by Elizabeth Minett

Surprise your significant other with a gift of ambiance. This is more than just a candle. Cander Paris was created by renowned fashion model/influencer, turned scent creator, Elizabeth Minett. She is now one of the first female entrepreneurs to have created her own luxury home scent brand. The candles come in captivating scents including; Rose (rose, incense, & musk), Rue Vertbois (sandalwood, orange blossom, & smoke), Our Youth (,notes of amber, geranium, and vanilla) and Scent 01 (pine, citrus, and firewood). Cander Paris Candles are available at

Christopher Designs 2.0 CT. T.W. Earrings in 18K White Gold

<p>Christopher Designs .50ct. t.w. drop earrings in 18 karat white gold</p>

Christopher Designs .50ct. t.w. drop earrings in 18 karat white gold

Christopher Designs

These feminine drop earrings are elegant and sophisticated. The deco styling makes a great statement in an earring that's comfortable to wear. One center dazzling Crisscut Round diamond in each ear is surrounded by a halo of other round diamonds. Approximate total carat weight of .50ct set into 18 karat white gold. According to Christopher Slowinski, “These earrings add the perfect touch of glamour without being overwhelming. The drop is the quintessential length to help frame the face and create a longer, leaner look to the neck area. The great thing about the gift of earrings is that they are a “get-and-go-gift”. The recipient never needs to worry about sizing so they can be put on and enjoyed immediately.” The Christopher Designs .50ct. t.w. drop earrings in 18 karat white gold (MSRP: $3,300.00) are available at

Mystic Ribbon Choker - Serenity Jewelry

<p>Mystic Choker</p>

Mystic Choker


Serenity Jewelry, founded by Nicole Park, is worn by stars including Cara Delevingne, Chrissy Teigen, Brittany Snow, Olivia Culpo, Delilah Hamlin, and Nina Agdal. You may have seen one of these celebs rocking the Serenity Mystic River. “This choker is a great gift to give a significant other because It's simple, versatile and elevates every outfit with a chic touch. The rich velvet and hint of sparkle with the CZ makes it great for winter looks but it’s delicate and lightweight enough to go to spring and beyond – great year-round essential for the fashionista in your life!" Founder Nicole Parker. The Mystic Choker is available at

Via Saviene - Jewelry Pave Bangle Set in Rhodium

<p>Via Saviene Pave Bangle Set in Rhodium</p>

Via Saviene Pave Bangle Set in Rhodium

Via Saviene

The Via Saviene Pave Bangle Set in Rhodium is the perfect gift for your significant other to wear from day-to- night. Via Saviene incorporates an unmatched level of craftsmanship and artisanal skill, reflecting light radiantly. The result is a stunning effect worthy of the time spent producing each piece. Via Saviene is a projection of the modern woman. The Via Saviene Pave Bangle Set in Rhodium ($150) is available at


Coast Apparel - Waterfront Flannel

<p>Waterfront Flannel Button Down </p>

Waterfront Flannel Button Down

Coast Apparel

The Coast Waterfront Flannel Button Down is 100% cotton and unbelievably comfortable. It will keep your dad stylish yet warm all season long. You may have seen General Hospital actor Robert Palmer Watkins rocking the same one. Guaranteed to become one of you dad’s wardrobe staples. “The Waterfront Flannel Button Down is the perfect gift for any new dad! He can tuck it in or leave it out. Looks great either way! It’s so irresistible that we should add a Warning Label: Dad’s beware... this flannel is going to get swiped in a skinny minute by your favorite gal. It’s not just soft - it’s incredibly soft!” President, Coast Apparel Kerry McLeod. The Coast Waterfront FlannelButton Down ($72.50) is available at

Gillette OnDemand

<p>Gillette On Demand</p>

Gillette On Demand


Gillette announced a gifting function for its newly revamped Gillette On Demand subscription service. This is a subscription based-gift your dad will definitely utilize and love. In just a few simple clicks you can get daddy-o the best gift a man can get -- customized to his shaving preferences, with a choice of 4 blade refills ($21.45), 8 blade refills($40) or 12 blade refills ($50), a complimentary handle, free shipping & handling and a personalized note. Available at Gillette OnDemand.

Camerons Stovetop Smoker

<p>Camerons Stovetop Smoker</p>

Camerons Stovetop Smoker


Growing up, I remember watching my dad cook on the outdoor grill all year round. Did I mention I’m originally from New England? The Camerons Stovetop Smoker is the perfect gift for dads who love to barbecue. The Stovetop Smoker retains moisture and natural cooking flavors so foods don’t dry out. Plus, it doubles as a steamer. “The Stovetop Smoker lets Dad continue the enjoyment of smoke infused foods without the use of a grill during the colder winter months,” President of Camerons Tony Pignatiello. Available for purchase on Amazon, and specialty retailers nationwide. Original Standard: MSRP: $49.99 and Original Mini: MSRP: $34.99.

Old Spice NFL Gift Set featuring Von Miller

<p>Old Spice NFL Gift Set featuring </p>

Old Spice NFL Gift Set featuring

Old Spice

Can’t think of what to get your dad for holiday? Don’t reinvent the wheel and pick up a gift set from Old Spice. This season, Old Spice teamed up with NFL player Von Miller of the Denver Broncos to bring you a special gift set, dads will surely love. The Old Spice Pure Sport NFL Gift Set features the popular Pure Sport Plus scent, including Old Spice’s superior hydrating body wash, Hydro Wash, Sweat Defense Antiperspirant and 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. Plus, each kit includes a bonus pair of socks! If you’re in the market for stocking stuffers, consider giving the gift of great hair! Old Spice also offers awesome Hair Stylers (Pomade, Putty, Paste and Gel) that will help guys achieve that perfect holiday look. The Old Spice Pure Sport NFL Gift Set ($14.99 - $17.49) is available nationwide at drugstores, food stores and mass merchandisers, including Walmart, Target, Meijer, Kinney Drugs and

Patrón Silver Limited Edition Tequila 1-Liter

Patrón Silver Limited Edition Tequila 1-Liter

The Patrón Silver 1-Liter features the most iconic tequila made from 100% Weber Blue Agave in a collectable bottle designed for this holiday season. Displaying images of Patrón’s Mexican heritage, the emerald green-accented bottle with a stunning metallic stopper is the most wonderful (and biggest) gift of the year. The limited edition ($59.99-$64.00) is available at

With You Lockets



With You Lockets

This is the perfect gift for mom to remember a dear loved one or someone who may be out of sight at the moment, but never out of mind. "Our company was inspired by the loss of my father after a short battle with brain cancer. My sister was getting married and I was looking for a way to include him in the ceremony. I assembled a locket with his photos inside so he would be there to walk her down the aisle. From there, the concept grew into our line today. Our line is a collection of lockets in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings, cufflinks and pins that were designed to allow people to carry their most cherished relationships and memories with them. With price points ranging from $99-$450 (we have about 30 pieces under $150), each model is custom designed as a piece of contemporary jewelry that will grow into a family heirloom," Mikki Glass President & Founder of With You Lockets. With You Lockets are available at

Laura Ashley Pajamas

<p>Alpine Resort PJ Set</p>

Alpine Resort PJ Set

Laura Ashley Pajamas

The one thing my mother requests every year is a cozy pair of pajamas…and Laura Ashley does not compromise on comfort. "Pajamas are the perfect gift for mom for the holidays! It’s something just for her and who doesn’t love a pair of fresh, new, comfy pajamas to curl up in? Our pretty and super comfortable PJ’s are a lightweight soft cotton mix that she will love," Penne Cairoli, Laura Ashley USA President. Laura Ashley Pajamas ($58) are available at Laura Ashley USA.

Formia Design

Formia Design

Give parents the gift of preserving children's artwork and turning it into jewelry to be treasured forever. Moms love putting their children's artwork on the refrigerator, what if they can wear it around their neck? Formia Design can transform a photo or children’s drawing into precious metal keepsakes creating wearable art. Each item is handmade by Master Goldsmith Mia van Beek at her studio in Virginia. “My custom jewelry captures the sentimental feeling we as parents have for our children’s creations . The pieces I hand make turn a child’s imaginings into something tangible that loved ones can carry with them for years to come." Mia van Beek, Founder and Goldsmith at Formia Design. Formia Design options are available at Formia Design.

Los Angeles Trading Company’s BOSS LADY Plush Bathrobe

<p>Boss Lady Robe</p>

Boss Lady Robe

Los Angeles Trading Company

Who is more of a boss than your mom? Let's face it. Moms are the modern day superheroes. “Our robes are the perfect gift, with a completely luxury feel and packaging but at a modest price. They are one Size which makes it a no brainer. Give the gift that keeps on giving, every day when they slip on this incredibly soft and cozy robe they will be grateful to you.” – Jonny Tucker, Owner, Los Angeles Trading Company. Boss Lady Robe ($95) is available at Los Angeles Trading Co.

Isola Rose + Vanilla Cream Perfume Body Oil

Isola Rose + Vanilla Cream Perfume Body Oil

A gift for mom that not only looks beautiful, but makes her feel beautiful, which is just, if not more important. Treat her skin and indulge her senses with this 100% vegan body oil. Infused with the delicate scents of rose and vanilla, this nourishing, hydrating blend of coconut and sweet almond oils leaves skin soft and silky with a subtle sheen—and doubles as an all-natural perfume. That’s a 2-in-1 gift and a fab price! “The best part about gifting isola is that we use such few ingredients in our line so our products are really great for even those who have sensitive skin. Our scents are phenomenal and they won't break the bank with all of our products being $30 or less. You really can't go wrong with this line.” Kate Delgado, Owner, Isola. The Isola Rose + Vanilla Cream Perfume Body Oil available at

The Willa Satchel from Ora Delphine:

<p>The Willa Satchel</p>

The Willa Satchel

Ora Delphine

Every mom loves a good size bag but it's important not to compromise style. The Willa Satchel combines rich pebbled leather with gold tone hardware accents for a perfectly sophisticated everyday bag. A top zip closure opens to reveal a roomy interior with one zip and two slip pockets, and a removable shoulder strap offers a variety of carrying options. "The Willa Satchel is my go to everyday bag. As a busy mom myself, I love how it can take me from drop off, to meetings, to errands. It’s roomy enough to hold all my essentials and unexpected kids things!" Rebecca Lin, owner, Ora Delphine. The Willa Satchel ($395) is available at

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman

Move Your DNA by Katy Bowman

Every mom is different and just like snowflakes, no two body types are the same. Moms may appreciate learning about the ‘movement nutrients’ they might be missing in the gym. "Every body needs to move, and Move Your DNA explains why we can think more broadly than exercise to find it. With 70+ exercises, postural adjustments, and lifestyle tips for people who want to get moving and feel better straight away, I think of giving it, as also giving the gift of movement—a human essential!” Katy Bowman. Move Your DNA ($19.19) is available at Amazon.

Yumi Kim's Kimono Sleeve Robe

Yumi Kim's Kimono Sleeve Robe

Give your mom the gift of comfort this holiday season. Yumi Kim's kimono sleeve robes features a belted waist, pockets, and 11 different prints to choose from. The kimono comes in an array of beautiful and vibrant floral prints your mother will love. The Yumi Kim's Kimono Sleeve Robe ($60) is available at & BHLDN.


<p>Moby Wrap</p>

Moby Wrap


The cool way to carry your child, up close and personal. With organic fabrics and styles Mommy will be excited to wear! You may have seen this product on various celebrity moms like Sheryl Crow & Tisha Campbell. The MOBY motto is having your child being Close Enough to Kiss. Offering both versatility and comfort, the soft-structured MOBY Carrier offers front, hip, and back carrying options. Secure, convenient, and easy-to-use, it’s available in two styles, so parents and caregivers can choose between the Double Tie and the Buckle Tie fastening options. The MOBY has won countless consumer and industry awards. It's the perfect gift for new moms! MOBY ($59) is available at

Petunia Pickle Bottom - Diaper Bag

Petunia Pickle Bottom

If you're looking for the perfect gift for a stylish mommy-to-be or new mom, try the Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags. The diaper bags are convenient for any outing or travel. Well-known for craftsmanship and bold use of color and pattern, Petunia Pickle Bottom products celebrate the joy and adventure of mothering. The collection features a variety of versatile diaper bags that keep mommies well-prepared when out with their babies, offering many options for organization, carrying styles, and textiles. Petunia Pickle Bottom Bags ($139 - $210) are available at



Moonlite is the perfect gift for any kid or baby, to revolutionize bedtime stories. Former Google veteran, Natalie Rebot created Moonlite, a children’s story book projector that attaches to almost any mobile phone and uses the flashlight of the phone to project vibrant story images onto the ceiling or wall. Moonlite brings storybooks to life with a modern twist on traditional storytelling that makes reading a fun and memorable event for both children and parents. Just watch the video above and it will tell you everything you need to know about Moonlite. “Bedtime stories have always been a special bonding moment for parent and child, and as a mom I’m excited to bring this new way of storytelling to life with Moonlite,” said Founder Natalie Rebot. “It’s been an incredible journey as we fulfill orders, and hit retail shelves as a Top Toy at Target this holiday season. The support and enthusiasm has been tremendous.” The Moonlite hardware ($24.99) is available at or Target retail stores. Download the app via AppleStore or Google Playstore.

BlueSmart mia

<p>BlueSmart mia</p>

BlueSmart mia

BlueSmart mia

BlueSmart mia is a silicone baby bottle sleeve monitor that slips on the bottom of a baby bottle and uses Wi-Fi to connect to an accompanying app, which tracks when and how much your baby has been fed. Even if mom and dad are away on date night, BlueSmart mia will send them push notifications of feedings via the accompanying app. “Raising a baby is hard, especially for new parents, with proper feeding being one of the most important things during the early stages of a baby's life. That's why BlueSmart mia is a perfect gift this holiday season. It's a smart helper for first time parents and parents with wide gaps between kids. It's for grandparents to help raise their grandchildren. In fact, it's for any caregiver. We hope that with BlueSmart mia every parent can spend less time worried and more time connected,” Gisela Xie, Founder of BlueSmart mia. BlueSmart mia ($149) is available at

The Chocolate Science Lab Kit

<p>Chocolate Science Lab</p>

Chocolate Science Lab

Lab Rat Gifts

The Chocolate Science Lab Kit is perfect for any kid with a sweet tooth! This kit helps kids explore physical science through the fun of making cute chocolate gifts (eggs and lollipops with personalized wrappers, labels or foldable gift boxes). “This holiday season, we want to provide kids with educational gifts such as the Chocolate Science Lab or Chewing Gum Lab,” said Thomas Taylor, president and CEO of “They’re a great way to get kids interested in science and create tangible items to share with friends and family.” The Chocolate Science Lab Kit ($19.95) is available at

Pulse Dura Street Rechargeable Electric Hub Scooter

Pulse Performance Products launched an innovative wireless electric scooter, the Dura Street (for kids 8+, Max weight 120lbs). The scooter is unique because it has the accelerator/throttle in the deck. When you step down, the scooter goes.“Kids will love the fun and power the Dura Street electric scooter delivers the instant they start riding! It has a throttle integrated into the deck of the scooter instead of on the handle bars, so you just push off to go and in seconds they will be cruising the neighborhood up to 8 MPH.” Leonardo Pais, Pulse Performance Products CEO. The Dura Street ($179.99) available now on

Wonderbly Customized Books

Your kid will no doubt love the best-selling picture book The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name. As if by magic, the story changes based on the letters of a child’s name. So, for example, a kid called Charlie might meet a Chameleon, Hippo, Aardvark, Robot, Lobster, Imp and Elephant—make sense? The story will be as unique as their own name! "A Wonderbly personalized book makes the perfect gift because of our magic ratio of effort vs reward. It takes one minute to make one of our books but the emotional reward for both the child and the parent is immense. It feels so good to hear, "But Mommy, how did you make that book just for me?" Wonderbly’s CEO, Asi Sharabi. The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost His/Her Name ($24.99) is available at Check out additional Wonderbly stories including My Golden Ticket, A Letter for the Littlest Bear, The Incredible Intergalactic and Journey and Kingdom of You.

Babiators - Sunglasses


Babiator sunglasses will have your baby crawling in style. The sunglasses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection. Durable and tough just like children; Babiators are made of pliable rubber and shatter-resistant lenses, making them virtually indestructible. Available for babies and children and come in a variety of vibrant colors and cool patterns. “Babiators are an ace of a combo for your babe -- sun safety and stylin' fashion accessory in one gift. To see the 'blue steel' expression your little one makes when rocking Babiators is exactly why you need these shades. Parents tell us their kids become the "maverick of the playground" in these styling' shades.” Molly Fienning, Co-Founder, Babiators. Babiators are available at

Tea Collection

Tea Collection

Tea Collection is a children’s apparel brand with designs inspired by lands near and far. The brand carries a plethora of layering pieces such as leggings, tees and vests to keep your children comfortable, cozy and cool when jumping from plane to train to automobile. To make matters even better, Tea Collection gives back a portion of every purchase to The Global Fund for Children which makes shopping with TeaCollection this season even sweeter. “From the start, giveback has been a priority for Tea Collection. We want to make real connections, and a real difference. It’s incredibly valuable to find an organization like The Global Fund for Children that aligns with our company’s goals and vision,” Leigh Rawdon, Tea Collection Founder & CEO! Tea Collection is available at

Osmo Augmented Reality

Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad and iPhone by opening them up to hands-on play. Play the video above and you’ll understand why Osmo Augmented Reality is a hit with kids. Osmo ($79.20 - $151.20) available at

Novel Effect

Novel Effect brings story time to life. The books are paired with a voice-interactive app that follows along and adds music, sound effects and character's voices to a children's book as it is read aloud. Novel Effect offers a monthly book club for kids and has more than a hundred books in it's online library to read along to, or it can be used with books children already have at home. "The Novel Effect Book of the Month Club is a gift that lasts a lifetime with books and activities delivered to a child's doorstep each month. All the books work with the Novel Effect interactive app that follows along, playing theme music and sound effects as the books are read aloud, making it easy for any child to fall in love with reading !" Matthew and Melissa Hammersley, Creators of Novel Effect. Choose from monthly, half-year or annual subscriptions. For only $25 a month, a child/family will receive two paperbacks or three board books to read along to using the Novel Effect app. Available at

Owlet Baby Monitor

Owlet was founded by a team of passionate parents who wanted to bring families peace of mind and assurance by developing a monitor that tracks a baby's oxygen and heart rate while they sleep. Using pulse oximetry, the same proven technology used in hospitals, the Owlet Smart Sock is designed to alert if a baby’s heart rate or oxygen falls outside a preset range. The Owlet has won many awards and is a top baby registry item. What is better than the gift of peace of mind so that parents can sleep and not worry while their little one sleeps. "I think every new parent is asking for more sleep, not just this time of year but all year long. That's where Owlet will help. Ninety-four percent of Owlet parents report better quality sleep and 96 percent reported feeling less anxious*. It's definitely something Mom, Dad and baby all want under the Christmas tree!” *Results taken from "Initial Experience and Usage Patterns With the Owlet Smart Sock Monitor in 47,495 Newborns," Global Pediatric Health, Dangerfield et al, 4 December 2017. The Owlet Baby Monitor ($299.99) is available at


Augie will be the first children’s robot that supports augmented reality, coding, and creative play. Through coding, children can control the robot’s movements, play Augmented Reality games and record their own funny sounds and movies. "Augie is the perfect holiday gift because it engages imagination and creativity while helping children further enhance critical thinking and problem solving skills. Combining exciting gameplay and engaging coding tutorials, Kids love Augie because it is FUN and adults love Augie because it turns screen time into valuable learning time. With Augie around for the holidays, there is sure to be lots of laughter and learning in your home!" Amy Braun, Marketing Director. It will keep kids playing and learning for hours – and having fun too! Runs on code, fueled by fun! Ages 4+, Augie ($199.99) is available at Pai Technology.

Dapper + Crown

<p>Piper Blazer</p>

Piper Blazer

Dapper + Crown

“Dapper + Crown is a new children’s brand with a rich family history, we are proud to produce the collection in Los Angeles, CA. I’ve designed each piece with love and the utmost of care so they can be worn and loved by families for years to come, just like mine were growing up in the Philippines. Our hand-tailored Piper blazer demonstrates this perfectly with its star print lining and tan elbow patches. This chambray topper can easily be dressed up or down for the holidays. A perfect gift for making family holiday photos pop! “ Yves Homan, co-founder and designer. The Dapper + Crown Piper Blazer ($75) is available at




High-end athletic apparel for the fitness enthusiast in your life. BELOFORTE is known for its on-trend mesh details, cut-outs and elevated workout wear. "BELOFORTE offers the fitness enthusiast a sexy new take on active apparel, without sacrificing any performance. Satin elastics paired with incredible fabrics are sleek, feminine, and extremely flattering. A favorite brand of style mavens, the label is sure to turn heads in the gym and on the street!," BELOFORTE founders Kevin Dorey and Whitney Quaresma. Available at

HUROM HP Personal Slow Juicer

<p>HUROM HP Personal Slow Juicer</p>

HUROM HP Personal Slow Juicer


Perfect for all your personal juicing needs! Say goodbye to large messy juicers that take up too much counter space. This compact juicer makes smoothies, juices, sorbets and more. Even better, the HP is available in pastel pink and mint green! HUROM HP Personal Slow Juicer ($299) available at

Recoup Fitness’ Cold Massage Roller

Recoup Fitness’ Cold Massage Roller

Recoup Fitness’ Cold Roller is a two-in-one recovery/massage tool for relief from the aches and paints of life. Roll over sore, achy muscles for concentrated self-myofacial release, toss it in the freezer for up to six hours of cold massage, or combine the two for faster overall recovery. Already used by the National Football League (NFL) and NCAA Football teams across the nation, the product combines the benefits of cold massage therapy and foam rolling to reduce inflammation and aid in post-workout recovery. The cold, steel surface releases metabolic waste products and toxins, while relaxing the muscles. "The Recoup Cold Roller is the perfect holiday gift because it is the gift that keeps on giving for anyone. If you have kids that play sports, parents that run or enjoy the outdoors or you know someone who has nagging injuries that won't go to the doctors, the Recoup Cold Roller is for them. It is the first recovery tool to recoup the entire body with a 2 in 1 design. On top of that the ball stays cold up to 6 hours, perfect for those always on the go." Matt Hyder, Inventor and CEO Recoup Fitness. Since its inception, the Stinger has been crucial for top-caliber athletes and trainers, in optimizing the recovery process, while minimizing recovery time. Recoup Fitness’ Cold Massage Roller ($39.99 USD) is available at



Once you go Sugarmat, you won't go back. I got my Sugarmat and I think I'm in love. This is the perfect gift for the yogi in your life. Sugarmats are chic, stylish and functional with beautiful designs that will have everyone staring at your next vinyasa class. " has the best gifts for the chic lifestyle of any yoga or fitness enthusiast. From our designer mats featuring 30+ designs which are suitable for use at any fitness level, to our calming scented candles, designed in a beautiful blush pink jars and packed in a gift-ready box, these products are designed to be a gift for yourself or your loved ones. Give the gift of wellness this holiday!" Founder of Sugarmat, Heikal Gani. It's now easier to get your loved ones (or yourself) the perfect gift from this super fashion forward yoga brand. Sugarmats ($72 - $88), the world's most luxe designer + eco-friendly yoga mats, are now available on and Wunderkids (kids) yoga mats ($64) are also available at

Living Juice

Living Juice

I'm a HUGE fan of cold press juices and I struggled to find the best juicery with a wide variety of flavors without cutting out important vitamins and nutrients. That's when I was introduced to Living Juice - 100% cold press. All Living Juices are created fresh in-house with certified organic fruits and vegetables. They use a two-step juicer with a separate grinder and cold-press in order to maximize the availability of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and minerals. If you have a fitness enthusiast in your life who loves juicing, this is the perfect gift. "Fitness enthusiasts will love the delicious flavor profiles of our organic, cold-pressed Living Juice. Supplementing their workouts with our nutrient rich, vitamin and mineral packed juice, will give them noticeable influence on their performance, endurance, strength, and levels of inflammation. We never add any water, sugar or artificial sweeteners to our all natural juice – ever!" Founder of Living Juice, Rosemary Devlin. Living Juice is available for delivery via

FITNESS JUNKIE by Jo Piazza & Lucy Sykes


A Good Morning America Summer Must-Read! From the bestselling authors of The Knockoff, an outrageously funny novel about one woman's attempt—through clay diets, naked yoga, green juice, and cultish workout classes—to win back her career, save her best friend, and lose thirty pounds. "A hilarious tale about one woman's attempt to do whatever it takes -- juicing, clay diets, private island wellness retreats -- to lose 30 lbs." —People ..."There are no funnier, wittier people in all the land than Lucy Sykes and Jo Piazza. The writers of The Knockoff are here with their second novel about one woman’s attempt to basically fix her entire life, which she is positive will happen by losing 30 pounds. Think naked yoga. Think gross green juices. Think crazy cycling classes. Yes, please!" —InStyle ..."You’ll breeze through this one like you would a Saturday spin class with the most fabulous playlist and the promise of brunch cocktails after."—Kirkus FITNESS JUNKIE ($15.11) is available at Amazon.

Crane & Lion Sports Bra

<p>Crane & Lion Sports Bra</p>

Crane & Lion Sports Bra

Crane & Lion

Crane & Lion sports bras are feminine, but functional and offer moisture wicking, breathable support in beautiful colors including blues, bright white and black. If you’re looking for activewear every fitness enthusiast will appreciate, Crane & Lion is the way to go. Crane & Lion Activewear is available at Crane & Lion.

FLY Anywhere




Flywheel Sports, a leading boutique fitness company launched FLY Anywhere, a high-performaqwnce at-home bike and streaming content platform. FLY Anywhere extends Flywheel’s epic in-studio experience, offering athletically minded consumers access to live or on demand classes and on or off-bike precision training to help meet their fitness goals. Designed for athletes by athletes, FLY Anywhere is revolutionizing the at home fitness experience. “With the launch of FLY Anywhere, we are revolutionizing boutique fitness. By extending our studio experience to an “always on” offering, we are opening our community of athletes to anyone, anywhere who wants to sweat with the best. Until now, our industry leading instructor expertise has been contained within our studios,” says Sarah Robb O’Hagan, CEO of Flywheel Sports. “By creating multiple ride types and off-bike precision training that’s offered anywhere, anytime, we are helping more athletes crush their fitness goals. I am excited for this next chapter in Flywheel’s future as a new kind of fitness company.” FLY Anywhere can be purchased at or at select showrooms nationwide starting at $1,699 plus a monthly subscription fee of $39.

FluidStance Level


The FluidStance Level is the perfect gift for your boss or colleague, especially if they’re fitness-minded or gadget freaks. With sitting deemed the new smoking (CNN even declared that “sitting will kill you”), offices from law firms to consumer brands to tech giants are transitioning their workforce to standing desks. FluidStance understands that bringing movement to your workday is the best way to optimize your health, and the Level is the perfect holiday gift for health-minded colleagues, employees, vendors and clients who use a standing desk. Employees at companies including Adidas, Facebook and Sonos are all standing on Levels during the workday – and their top feedback is that it’s FUN. “FluidStance was born from the idea that the body should move while we work, not just stand up. We’re meant to move, yet at work, in classrooms, and even at home we chain our bodies down into a sedentary state in the hopes of focus. At FluidStance, we believe that in the course of an ordinary workday, we can find opportunities for whole health,” Brand Founder Joel Heath. Available in three models - maple ($289), walnut ($339) and bamboo ($429) – there’s also a new selection of fun colorways including Army Green, Blue Coal, Mushroom White, Apple Red and Taxi Cab Yellow ($489) to match any décor. Available at

The Cycle Torch - Shark 550R USB Rechargeable Bike Light

Cycle Torch

Cycle Torch (quality cycling accessories at an affordable price) recently launched the Shark 550R USB Rechargeable Bike Light. A must-have for the cyclist, the new bike light includes a replaceable battery for extra riding time with total visibility (no more limits for your night rides) and also offers outstanding safety flash mode when riding in daylight— up to 18 hours! “Cycling has become extremely popular in the US (more than 65 million people have adopted it as a hobby!) Our Shark 550R bike light makes a perfect gift for anyone on your list who loves to ride!” – Andrei Ureche , CEO of Cycle Torch. The Cycle Torch ($29.95) is available at (able to get it last minute— Prime members!).

Attitude Apparel

Attitude Apparel

Attitude Apparel is swiftly becoming the athletic and/or streetletic choice of many due to its functionality, comfort, and of course, style. Blending high-end athletic active-wear with a street style flair, Attitude Apparel’s line is perfect for when you’re hitting the gym, going for the fashion-forward street look, or simply lounging and the list can go on and on. With high-end fabric made mostly recyclable materials, celebrities such as, Jenni JWoww Farley, Jessie James Decker, Ashley Tisdale and many more are also joining the Streetletics movement. Attitude Apparel is available at

Virtual Health Partners

Virtual Health Partners

Gift your fitness enthusiast friends with a membership to a virtual wellness system that offers live one-on-one nutrition appointments, on-demand and live fitness classes and workouts, healthy recipes, meal plans, access to a food diary, and lifestyle modification coaching by a team of health experts. All coaching is done through a mobile app, tablet, or computer, with live support available 7 days a week. The program is provided through a nutrition or healthcare professional, to ensure that members are receiving the best care. (Price depends on location & healthcare professional). Learn more at

Splendid Activewear

<p>Splendid at Anthropologie</p>

Splendid at Anthropologie


Splendid is not only beautiful but extremely comfortable. If you're looking for the perfect gift for the fitness enthusiast in your life, I found what you are looking for. Splendid apparel is a great choice. Whether you're looking for activewear, loungewear or just a cozy cardigan to wear to the movies, Splendid has it all. A long-standing favorite for those in search of versatile, wear-everywhere staples, LA-based Splendid creates polished basics designed to make off-duty dressing a breeze. Crafted from high-quality, whisper-soft fabrics in a myriad of timeless fits, each versatile piece is a minimalist mainstay worth building a wardrobe upon. Splendid is available at

Spire Health Tag

Spire Health Tag resolves the fundamental flaws of wearables 1.0 that have stalled mass adoption. It is the industry’s smallest biosensor that discreetly adheres to your clothes and uses advanced algorithms to provide personalized, real-time health guidance for sleep, calmness and daily activity. The beauty of the Spire Health Tag is that remains invisible unless it can tell you something important about how to reduce stress, sleep better, and maintain focus. The Spire Health Tag (starts at $49) is available at


FattyCakes NY

Fatty Cakes NY

Cookies, Cakes, Cookie Cakes! Give the gift of Yummm this year with Fatty Cakes amazing treats! From custom made desserts to classic chocolate chip cookies, Fatty Cakes has a a huge variety of desserts fitting for any lifestyle! "FattyCakes NY if the perfect gift for any foodie or dinner host because it is unique and be customized to anyones taste!" Jennifer Taylor-Miller | Founder, FattyCakes NY. Send FattyCakes NY to the foodie in your life today! Available at



SMASHMALLOW is a premium ‘snackable’ marshmallow brand that offers taste and wow-factor beyond an ordinary marshmallow. The premium on-the-go treat marshmallows are made with organic sugar and natural ingredients; nothing artificial. SMASHMALLOW is only 80 calories per serving and is a gluten-free, clean-label indulgence that comes in seven flavor “smash-ups,” including: Cinnamon Churro, Strawberries & Cream, Mocha Chip Mint Chocolate Chip, Coconut Pineapple, Meyer Lemon Poppy Seed and Root Beer Float. Current seasonal flavor offering is Candy Cane. SMASHMALLOW (SRP: $3.99 per 4.5oz bag) is available at

PHILOSOPHIE Superfoods Coconut Butter or Honey

Philosophie Superfoods Coconut & Honey

Total wellbeing begins with total nourishment and, this holiday season, Sophie Jaffe, Los Angeles-based health & wellness expert, certified raw food chef, yoga teacher and founder of the wellness brand, Philosophie is making it easier, more inspiring and more delicious to attain optimal health and radiant wellness with her Superfood Honeys and Coconut Butters. The perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the foodie or health nut in your life, the vegan, raw, gluten-free, and ingredient filler-free treats are a decadent way to make life better, inside and out - even George Glooney agrees! "The coconut butters and superfood honeys are the perfect holiday gift idea because they easily and deliciously offer nutrition to every bite of food. Add the butters to toast or a smoothie, drizzle the superfood honeys onto dessert or a stir-fry. Versatile, convenient and nutritious," Sophie Jaffe, Health & Wellness Expert, Raw Food Chef, Yoga Teacher and Founder of Philosophie. Superfood Coconut Butter is sold individually ($15.00) or in a 3-pack ($35.00). Superfood Honey: Available individually ($25.00) or in a 3-pack ($65.00). Visit

Atlas Coffee Club - World Tour of Coffee

<p>World Tour of Coffee</p>

World Tour of Coffee

Atlas Coffee Club

If you're a coffee drinker like myself, you will go absolutely bananas over Atlas Coffee Club's "World Tour of Coffee" gift. With more than 50+ countries producing coffee, Atlas Coffee Club acts as your tour guide and zig-zags across the equator to explore the world's best coffee. Sign your loved one up for a monthly subscription and turn their morning routine into a daily adventure, exploring coffee and culture from countries around the world including (but not limited to): El Salvador, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Burundi, Brazil and many more. "We think it’s a great gift because it’s a fun way for people to try unique coffees you can’t find on the shelf and adds adventure to their morning routine; it’s a gift that keeps on giving month after month," CEO of Atlas Coffee Club Michael Shewmake. This is the ultimate holiday gift for coffee lovers (and you won't be able to resist getting a subscription for yourself). To sign up for Atlas Coffee Club's monthly subscriptions (3 months, 6 months and 1 year) visit

Orwashers Hand Rolled Bagel Collection

<p>Hand Rolled Bagel Collection</p>

Hand Rolled Bagel Collection

Orwashers Hand Rolled Bagels

Orwashers is New York’s Original Artisan Bakery, and just in time for the holidays, started to ship fresh bread overnight nationwide. Can you imagine getting NYC bagels right to your doorstep? Orwashers Hand Rolled Bagel Collection ($43) features hand rolled sourdough bagels, which have drawn praise from many corners of the city, including esteemed food writer Ruth Reichel. Long fermented for a slight sour true New York flavor, these bagels are perfect with a schmear and a topping of Lox, or served simply warmed with a spread of salted butter and 28 assorted bagels. If bagels aren't your thing, try Orwashers Heritage Duo featuring their famous seeded rye & raisin walnut pumpernickel ($22). No matter what you select, you won't be disappointed. Orwashers NY Original Artisan Bakery is a available for delivery at

CucinaPro Churro & Empanada Maker

<p>Empanada & Churro Maker</p>

Empanada & Churro Maker


The foodie in your life can be extremely difficult to buy for so it's a good idea to go with a gift that's a sure bet. You can't go wrong with empanadas and churros. Make delicious churros and empanadas in minutes with the CucinaPro Churro & Empanada Maker! This Churro & Empanada Maker has non-stick, easy clean removable plates with overheating protection. It's also a healthier alternative to the traditional frying method. The compact design also makes for easy storage. The CucinaPro Churro & Empanada Maker ($34.99) Available on Amazon and


Brumi by Full Circle Home

BrumI Full Circle Home

Are you searching for the ultimate gift for your boss? The one thing it seems all bosses have in common is the love for coffee. Introducing Brumi by Full Circle Home. A pour-over hot and cold brew bottle AKA your personal barista. Brew your personal cup of coffee, anywhere you go – even if it’s just your couch. Whether it’s hot or cold, light or bold, Brumi perfectly and simply takes care of all of your coffee needs. "Brumi is the perfect gift for your boss – on its own or paired with a freshly roasted blend. It’s thoughtful and definitely speaks to their daily needs. Who wouldn’t love the gift of well-caffeinated convenience!” Heather Kauffman, Co-Founder, Full Circle Home. Brumi ($37) is available at

The Cookie Cups

The Cookie Cups

If you want the gift for your boss to stand out from the crowd, forget the bottle of wine and order some Cookie Cups. "The Cookie Cups are the perfect gift for your boss or colleague because they make the simple gift of cookies more innovative and fun! No longer does the cookie delivery have to be "just a cookie". Send them some cookie cups in a variety of flavors- white chocolate caramel, fudge brownie or our seasonal gingerbread and let the fun begin!" - Nicole Pomije, Creator of The Cookie Cups. The Cookie Cups (1/2 dozen $7.50, Party Packs $28.95), are available at



Cold Brew is the "Hottest" trend in the specialty coffee world. Give your boss or colleague a break from the dreaded line for the office Keurig and gift them cold brew from the best of the best. CIVILIZED COFFEE was created to build upon the experience in the vast world of coffee sourcing and consumer satisfaction. Being part of the "Direct Trade" gives CIVILIZED COFFEE the advantage of being part of the complete process from Source to the Shelf, ensuring the highest quality and standards are met. CIVILIZED COFFEE comes with a shipment/bag of their proprietary "Cold Brew Blend", the perfect gift for your boss or colleague. o have underneath the tree or shipped to family, friends, coworkers or anyone who loved coffee. For <$20 we can have CIVILIZED COFFEE shipped anywhere in the US in less than 3 days. “As Experts in the Cold Brew Coffee world we have created the perfect roast / blend combo for brewing Cold Brew at home, in your office or in your dorm. We are a “One Stop Shop” to start your New Year’s Resolutions (Learn Something New - Spend Less - Become Healthier),” Mark Patterson CEO of CIVILIZED COFFEE. CIVILIZED COFFEE is available at

USB Mug Warmer by Eparé

<p>USB Mug Warmer</p>

USB Mug Warmer


How many times do you notice your boss or colleague reheat their coffee at the office due to being pulled in multiple directions? Eparé, manufacturer of kitchen gadgets evolved, has the solution. USB Mug Warmer (SRP: $12.95) plugs into your laptop and keeps your beverages at a comfortable 100º-110º F so you can sip at your own pace. The mug warmer has a convenient on/off switch with “on” light indicator, extended cord measuring 3 feet and additional USB outputs. The non-skid feet and recessed base was built to prevent knocking over your beverage. If your boss isn't a coffee drinker, Eparé, hosts a ton of products you never knew you actually needed, that instantly upgrade your everyday routine, all for under $30. How about a Pocket Wine Aerator (SRP: $19.95), a portable, user-friendly mini decanter with 3 wine settings for white, red and port. Aeration quickly simulates aging in 15 seconds, instantly upgrading your wine. If you're unsure of your boss' hobbies or likes, pick up a complete Double-Walled Glassware collection (SRP: $11.95 – 24.95) that eliminates condensation. Eparé is a one-stop shop for all your holiday shopping needs. Visit

125 Collection

The 125 Collection

The 125 Collection, a unique, celebrity loved candle company, offers the perfect gift for your close colleagues. Quote candles by The 125 Collection are luxury handmade candles that are created to inspire, motivate and make you laugh. Their sweet, spicy, spirt, and travel lines, ensures that there is a perfect saying for every type of person in your life. After 80 hours of burning you are left with a chic, black matte jar that can be the perfect accessory for their desk! "The 125 Collection quote candles are a modern alternative to a greeting card. Whether the person you are giving the quote candle to has a sweet, edgy, or spiritual personality, these candles will make the perfect fit," Founders The 125 Collection, Joy Fennell and Valerie Wray. The 125 Collection ($35.00) is available at

Herb & Lou’s Infused Ice Cubes

<p>Herb & Lou’s Infused Ice Cubes</p>

Herb & Lou’s Infused Ice Cubes

Herb & Lou's

Perfect for gifting, Herb & Lou’s beautiful boxed infused iced cubes are the ideal present for your boss or colleagues.Herb & Lou's Infused Cubes are the first infused ice cubes that contain all of the essential ingredients to make a crafted cocktail. For example, when added to vodka, "The Clyde" cubes melt into a peach cosmopolitan with benedictine inspired herbs and artisanal bitters. Herb & Lou's Infused Cubes come in an assortment of drink flavors that are sure to be a hit. Herb & Lou's Infused Cubes ($16.99) are available at


<p>Victorian Pink </p>

Victorian Pink

Gin Lane 1751

Give your boss a taste of history for the holidays. GIN LANE 1751 is all about celebrating the historic roots of gin. The “Pink Gin” was invented by the British Royal Navy to balance out sweet and dry gins but more importantly, for the treatment of sea sickness and adding the bitters to gin made the bitters more enjoyable to consume. "I had a passion to recreate a range of London Gins with historical accuracy and relevance to the Victorian era. To accomplish this, a partnership was forged with 8th generation London distiller, Charles Maxwell of Thames Distillers, based in Clapham, London.Gin Lane 1751 is the embodiment of a classic Victorian style gin in its taste profile, juxtaposed with accurate label recreation of the period to create a range of four crafted varietals," Founder Geoff Curley. Gin Lane Victorian Park ($29.99) is available at

Barefoot Wine & Bubbly

Barefoot Bubbly

Nothing brings two colleagues together better than bubbly! Barefoot Wine & Bubbly is the Official Bubbly of Times Square New Years Eve. Enjoy three amazing flavors of Bubbly while ringing in the New Year. Celebrate with the Bubbly that tickles your toes! Barefoot Bubbly Brut Cuvée Champagne, our driest and most traditional Bubbly offering, is vibrant on the palate until the last sip. Green apple, jasmine, hints of kiwi and peach flavors bubble up for a crisp, lingering finish. Bubbling with aromas of Chardonnay, it’s an instant favorite for any champagne occasion. Tickle your toes (and your nose!) with Barefoot Bubbly Pink Moscato! This deliciously sweet champagne releases aromas of red tree fruit and fresh berries. A creamy finish collides perfectly with candied cherries and sweet citrus making this the sweetest champagne we offer. Tickle your toes and your taste buds with Barefoot Bubbly Extra Dry Champagne! A true crowd pleaser, Barefoot Bubbly Extra Dry is great for both special champagne occasions and everyday celebrations. Extra Dry offers delightful apple flavors and a smooth finish, making it a real gold medal winner. Barefoot Wine & Bubbly ($14.99 each) is available at


Savory & Nutty with Dean & Deluca

Savory & Nutty with Dean & Deluca

This holiday season, Cameron Hughes Wine not only has some of the highest quality wines at a fraction of the price (think $100+ bottles of wine for less than $30!), but ... The wine company has partnered with beloved gummy bear purveyor Sugarfina and iconic chocolatier Christopher Elbow to sweeten up gift lists for the connoisseurs in your life, including an exclusive Bourbon Butter Truffle by Elbow you can't get anywhere else. Additional gift offerings include pairings with fine olive oils, Dean & Deluca Nuts, artisan coffee by Timeless and glassware by Stolzle. "We love pairing our biggest release of the year - the iconic Cameron Hughes Lot 606 Rutherford Cabernet Sauvignon - with a renowned classic like Dean& Deluca's most popular nuts. It's a great gift for hosts or the gourmand on your list." Cameron Hughes, Founder of Cameron Hughes Wine. The Savory & Nutty with Dean & Deluca gift set ($68- $97) is available at

Ethel M Chocolates Gift Ready Boxes

Ethel M Chocolates Gift Ready Boxes

Ethel M Chocolates is a gourmet small-batch chocolate company based out of Henderson, Nevada. All of their chocolates are preservative free and made with solar power. Ethel M offers a great choice of gift ready boxes including; 12-Piece Holiday Mix box (seasonal holiday flavors including Egg Nog, Pecan Pie, and Peppermint Silk), Customizable Tins (either 16, 24 or 32-piece chocolates of either their classic collection, chocolate pecan brittle, or their liqueur infused creme liqueurs), Gift-ready boxes (premium chocolate snacks: milk chocolate pecans, dark chocolate almonds, dark chocolate espresso beans, and peppermint bark), as well as a Hot chocolate tin filled with a perfect blend of milk and dark chocolate shavings to make the perfect gourmet cup of hot cocoa at home. Ethel M Chocolates Gift Ready Boxes ($12.99 - $124.99) are available at either or

Godiva Masterpieces

Godiva Masterpieces

Introduced GODIVA Masterpieces – individually wrapped GODIVA pieces that make a great last-minute gift for co-workers, friends or family! The chocolates are available as individually-wrapped chocolate pieces ($4.29/bag) or filled chocolate bars ($2.99) at select grocery stores and come in three exquisite flavors including; Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart inspired by GODIVA’s most beloved chocolate, the heart-shaped 'coeur iconique'. A bold dark chocolate heart with a luxurious, velvety chocolate ganache filling. Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion of Belgium: Inspired by GODIVA’s most cherished chocolate, a majestic chocolate 'shield' proudly embossed with the belgium coat of arms and filled with a sublime caramel filling. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Oyster: Inspired by GODIVA’s most treasured chocolate, the legendary Oyster piece. A delicate milk chocolate oyster shell filled with creamy hazelnut praline filling. The best news is that they’re under $5 and available at retailers nationwide like Target, CVS, Walmart, Walgreen’s and more.

One Blade Core Razor Black Tie Edition

<p>Black Tie Shave Kit</p>

Black Tie Shave Kit

One Blade Core Razor

Whether your guys into grooming, geeks out on gadgets, or just wants amazing skin, all he needs is a sleek, modern single-blade shave. The super sophisticated re-engineered and re-designed version of your grandfather's barbershop shave with ONEBLADE is the perfect holiday gift. Guys can be hard to buy for, and Tod, the CEO of OneBlade recommends this gift for two reasons; “Our level of care that went into the design and engineering of the product is pretty insane – it’s won some pretty prestigious awards and it’s on permanent display in the Henry Ford museum, so there’s a cool factor that makes this a pretty unique gift. And, secondly, this single-blade shave virtually eliminates skin irritation. Who wouldn’t want less irritated skin?” Get the OneBlade CORE razor along with a complete premium shave kit in our limited Black Tie Edition ($124.95), including a premium custom designed tuxedo synthetic shave brush, along with a 2-month supply of blades (30 blades), moisturizing shave cream (150ml), and alcohol-free aftershave balm (90ml). Available at

Linens & Hutch - Bed in a Box

<p>Bed in a Box</p>

Bed in a Box

Linens & Hutch

You will be stunned and delighted upon receiving your 8-Piece Bed in a Box by Linens & Hutch. This collection has everything you will need to create your ideal haven. The impeccable quality of our microfiber sheets is proven with its ability to resist static and stains while keeping you warm and dry. Our microfiber products are also completely wrinkle free. "You'll definitely want to make sure you have bedding by Linens & Hutch under the tree this year to keep your family cozy. We are a family company dedicated to bringing you the highest quality and softest bedding on the market today from our family to yours." Sean Noll, of Linens & Hutch. Bed in a Box ($79.99 - $129.99) available at

Shea Yeleen Beauty Gift Set

<p>Beauty Gift Set</p>

Beauty Gift Set

Shea Yeleen

Shea Yeleen blends their unique unrefined shea butter with pure essential oils and natural ingredients to create moisturizing, nourishing Body Butters, Soaps, Body Balms, and Lip Balms. Inspired by nature, each product hydrates, protects and softens normal to dry skin types, helping to soothe minor skin irritations and smooth skin’s texture and complexion. The gift set includes; 6 oz. Shea Body Butter, Shea Butter Soap and Shea Butter Lip Balm. "Giving gifts that are natural and fair trade will make a difference this holiday season and it’s the perfect way to saver for those who want to shop ethically. As the CEO of an ethical Shea butter company, I carefully researched and curated ingredients so those willing to support a great cause would also benefit from quality Shea Butter. Loved ones will feel great buttering up with organic, chemical free Shea Butter that will melt into their skin during the dry, winter months; their hearts will feel even warmer knowing that their Shea butter will be empowering the women in Ghana, Africa," says Rahama Wright, CEO, and founder of Shea Yeleen. The Shea Yeleen Beauty Gift Set ($30) is available at, as well as select Whole Foods stores. When you purchase Shea Yeleen beauty products, you contribute to the living wages of the women from rural, sub Saharan Africa who harvest the shea to create the shea butter.

POPWHITE Holiday Gift Set

<p>Holiday Gift Set</p>

Holiday Gift Set


Some people say, the first thing people notice is the eyes. In my humble opinion, there's nothing more attractive than a big beautiful smile. If you're looking for a gift set, people will actually use, check out POPWHITE Holiday Gift Set. POPWHITE features a natural, patented PURPLE formula, which is proven to whiten natural teeth safely and gradually. Purple and yellow cancel each other out—this is how Power of Purple® (“POP”) oral care products minimize the visibility of yellow dental stains! The set includes Whitening Primer + Toothpaste and Whitening Toner + Oral Rinse. "PopWhite is the beauty junkie's secret weapon to make her smile stand out no matter what the hottest lipstick shade is that season," Mira Kothari, COO of PopWhite. The POPWHITE Holiday Gift Set ($39) is available at



<p>5/2 Pads</p>

5/2 Pads


MirSkin skincare was developed by leading NYC Dermatologist Dr. Tabasum Mir. If you're looking for a skincare line that is developed by a top Dermatologist, look no further! Her most popular product is her 10/2 & 5/2 Pads. The MirSkin pads exfoliate, tone and deeply clean pores as well as reduce the appearance of enlarged pores. All skin types will benefit from its exfoliative and skin renewal properties. MirSkin 5/2 pads penetrate into skin, causing new formation of collagen to reduce wrinkles on the skin, as well as increase the rate at which new, younger cells reach the skin surface. This product is also extremely effective for treating and dissolving blackheads and breakouts. Please note, you should experience the 5/2 pads ($70) prior to graduating to the 10/2 Pads ($75). MirSkin also consists of 3 additional crucial skincare products to complete the line: Ultra Lite ($70), Ultra Moisture ($70), and Eye Serum- Mega Hydrating ($95) all available at

Deck of Scarlet Limited Edition Palette

<p>Limited Edition Palette</p>

Limited Edition Palette

Deck of Scarlet

The Deck of Scarlet Limited Edition Palettes offers every beauty maven at heart timeless makeup trends paired with bold colors and decadent textures -- delivered straight to your door every other month. Deck of Scarlet teams up with top YouTube beauty stars as their “artist in chief” who not only collaborate on the curation of the entire palette, but also post different makeup tips, tricks, and looks with said palette so you can watch YouTube tutorials for days... "Deck of Scarlet is a beauty junkie’s dream. Every other month, they get a brand new color makeup palette packed with bold colors and velvety textures. Each of the limited edition palettes is a collaboration with a top beauty influencer who teaches them exactly how to create the hottest looks using the palette. Our Nov/Dec Artist in Chief is the super talented @Amy-Rose Walker." CMO and Co-Founder, Rachel ten Brink. Subscribe bi-monthly for $29.95 (and stop any time) or purchase a la carte for $49.95. The Limited Edition Palettes are available at

Voloom Hair Volumizing Iron

As someone with really thin and fine hair, I've been looking for a way to give my locks a little more body. VOLOOM is the ONLY hot tool specifically designed to add lasting volume – EASILY & without product OR expensive blowouts. The secret is in the patented plates – which gently build lasting structure into the under-layers of the hair, lifting the top layers up and away from the scalp. TO USE: use a “clamp & release” action (similar to a crimper!) action for only a second of two to under-layers of the hair at the root. The Voloom ($129) is available at

Lancer Skincare- Caviar Lime Acid Peel

<p>Caviar Lime Acid Peel</p>

Caviar Lime Acid Peel

Lancer Skincare

Based in Beverly Hills, Dr. Harold Lancer has been advising everyone from Beyonce to Kim Kardashian on how they can improve the quality of their skin, and has been a trusted resource for some of the world's most beautiful people for the past 30 years. Backed by first-class dermatology, utmost luxury, and true efficacy, Lancer Skincare seeks to bring “Believable Beauty” to all skin. Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Huda Khattan and Kaley Cuoco are just handful of the celebrities who love Lancer products who post regularly on their Instagram stories their favorite Lancer products. Get the coveted Beverly Hills Glow with Dr. Lancer’s newest, and celebrity favorite, product – the Caviar Lime Acid Peel. Brighten your complexion by improving the look of pores and skin tone with this advanced peel by Dr. Lancer. The Caviar Lime Acid Peel consists of pineapple and papaya fruit enzymes that moisturize and help improve the appearance of uneven skin texture. Stabilized retinol helps refine the look of lines and wrinkles. Skin appears smoother, softer and more even with a youthful glow. The Caviar Lime Acid Peel ($90)is available at

Achi Gel Nail Polish

<p>Gel Nail Polish</p>

Gel Nail Polish


Achi’s new line of beauty products include gel polishes for amazing manicures that will last and look beautiful throughout the chilly season. These vibrantly colored polishes make adorable stocking stuffers for the girl who loves to open pretty things. Achi gel polishes come in scents that will put you right in the bright and cheery holiday mood. No matter what holiday you’re celebrating, achi has colors tied in with every festivities whether it’s fizzy champagne shimmer, snow white or as red as Rudolph’s nose. Achi Gel Nail Polish ($49.99) is available at

Blue Lagoon Signature Masks Trio

<p>Signature Masks Trio</p>

Signature Masks Trio

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon Signature Masks Trio is for the green beauty gal who also loves to travel, but hasn’t gotten her opportunity to get to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland yet, here’s your chance to bring the spa to her! The set comes with their Lava Scrub, Silica Mask and Algae Mask (which, if you’re into multi-masking, should be done in that order). Algae Mask minimizes the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles (+ get an instant lift and glow) thanks to patented Blue Lagoon algae. Lava Scrub Mask is made of lava grains from the Blue Lagoon’s volcanic surroundings, this scrub/mask hybrid renews & exfoliates skin leaving behind a smooth, luminous glow. Silica Mud Mask is composed of the Blue Lagoon’s iconic “white wonder,” this deep-cleanses and strengthens skin, reduces visibility of pores and leaves skin feeling fresh and clear. Blue Lagoon Signature Masks Trio ($259) is available at

Kevyn Aucoin Neo Trio Palette

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for someone who basically owns one of everything at Sephora, blow them away with Kevyn Aucoin’s Limited Edition Neo-Trio Palette. Including three best selling shades, the Neo-Limelight, Neo-Setting Powder, and Neo-Bronzer are used to create endless layers of light and color providing enhanced radiance to the skin. Whether you want to use all of the products together or break apart on the go, this three in one magnetically designed face palette allows you to touch up your makeup on the go, a key essential for holiday parties and travel! Kevyn Aucoin Neo Trio Palette ($58) is available at Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Sephora, Space NK, and independent and online retailers nationwide.

Phillips VisaPure Advanced

With all the cleansing devices on the market, Philips VisaPure Advanced, takes the cake. Don't leave cleansing up to your hands! The Philips VisaPure Advanced, is the only three-in-one facial cleansing device clinically proven to help prevent and immediately reduce the visibility of blackheads and pores for a more radiant complexion. The cleanser comes with three interchangeable attachments with different levels of rotation and vibration for a deep clean that’s ten times better at cleansing skin than cleansing by hands. Intelligent Head Recognition allows the handle to immediately recognize each specific attachment, tailoring the experience and program to achieve your specific skincare need. Philips VisaPure Advanced reaches deep into pores to remove more make up residue and dead skin cells, ultimately allowing better absorption of favorite skincare products such as blackhead treatments, creams, serums and oils. Philips VisaPure Advanced ($199) Available at

Barè Alchemy Ambrosia Serums

<p>Ambrosia Serums</p>

Ambrosia Serums

Barè Alchemy

Barè Alchemy Ambrosia has a serum for skin types. Plus, how pretty are these bottles? A collection of 3 serums, all made with natural, indigenous Australian ingredients, each formulated with a specific skin type in mind. The Protect Serum for Normal Skin is rich in powerful natural AHAs to fight free radical damage and oxidative stress, this unique face serum provides gentle skin exfoliation and stimulates the skin at a cellular level to actually reduce the evidence of aging and improve skin luminosity. The Soothe Serum for Dry/Sensitive Skin restores moisture to the skin’s layers, prevents drying and increases the skin’s capacity to retain moisture; providing elasticity and suppleness to the skin, while minimizing fine lines and the signs of aging with powerful antioxidants. The Cleanse Serum for Oily Skin boosts skin with powerful antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hyaluronic acid for full, younger looking skin, while a powerful clinically proven blend of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory extracts work to minimize acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pores for smoother, more radiant skin. Barè Alchemy Ambrosia Serums ($90 each) are available at

Bella Schneider Beauty Coconut Soufflé Cream & Coconut Face & Body Polish Set

<p>Coconut Soufflé Cream & Coconut Face & Body Polish Set</p>

Coconut Soufflé Cream & Coconut Face & Body Polish Set

Bella Schneider Beauty

I don't always have time to take a vacation every year. Actually my vacation days tend to stack up. When I tried the Bella Schneider Beauty Coconut Soufflé Cream & Coconut Face & Body Polish, I felt like I was swept away to a secluded beach with the sand between my toes. Bring the feeling of vacation to the beauty junkie in your life with this Polynesian inspired gift set. The set contains Organic Lychee & Coconut Face + Body Polish to exfoliate the skin, and Coconut Soufflé Cream + Olive Oil to nourish and moisturize. With use of this polish and cream, skin will feel vacationed and renewed. "For those beauty junkies who love to indulge in the hottest spa treatments, this Body Polish Set is a perfect way to bring the spa experience to her," Bella Schneider. The Bella Schneider Beauty Coconut Soufflé Cream & Coconut Face & Body Polish Set ($95) is available at

Musely Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask Set

<p>Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask Set</p>

Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask Set


It's hard to impress a beauty junkie because they have seen/tried it all. When I found out about Musely Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask Set, I was instantly impressed. In a sea of sheet masks, this -first-to-market OVERNIGHT premium hydrogel mask set is a must. It is specially designed to slowly and evenly deliver nutrient-rich botanical extracts to smooth fine lines and brighten the complexion over the span of 8 hours—the ultimate overnight skin treatment. The set includes a variety of masks to treat the 4 most common areas of concern for women—face, forehead, under eyes and neck. "For the die hard skincare fanatics, the Musely masks work overtime delivering nutrient-rich botanicals into skin while they are sleeping," Jack Jia, CEO/ Founder of Musely. The Musely Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask Set ($48) is available at

Joico Moisture Recovery

<p>Joico Moisture Recovery</p>

Joico Moisture Recovery


Joico Moisture Recovery’s water-loving formulas deeply quench dry, dehydrated hair with our bio-diverse Hydramine sea Complex,TM where botanicals and amino acids from the sea meet the richest, most nourishing botanical butters and oils found on land to transform even the most parched hair into a vision of softness and manageability. The recovery system consists of shampoo ($13.99), conditioner ($15.99) and a recovery balm treatment ($18.99). Available at

Lip Monthly

<p>Monthly Subscription</p>

Monthly Subscription

Lip Monthly

Give the beauty junkie on your list a monthly subscription to Lip Monthly and she will love you forever! Each month, Lip Monthly sends 4-5 full-size lip products from lipsticks to glosses, balms, stains, pencils and more. One or two items can be customized. The monthly bag also has one non-lip product inside. Lip Monthly partners with niche brands and big name brands all around the world. "With a bag of four full-sized, high quality, customizable lippies straight to your door for only $12.95 a month and the total retail value of each bag surpassing $60 (plus free shipping!) - it's difficult to justify this NOT being a perfect beauty gift," Bryden Ferrato, Owner of Lip Monthly. Only $12.95 a month and the first month is $5! Available at

Age Smart Anti-Aging Power Trio by Dermalogica

<p>AGE Smart Anti-Aging Power Trio</p>

AGE Smart Anti-Aging Power Trio


AGE Smart Anti-Aging Power Trio resurfaces, restores and protects skin from environmental triggers known to accelerate skin aging! The Daily Superfoliant is a highly active powder resurfacer that leaves skin ultra-smooth, while combatting the environmental triggers known to cause brown spots, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. The Activated Binchotan Charcoal Powder derived from Ubame Oak (also referred to as “white charcoal”) attracts and binds itself to impurities in the skin, pulling them out of pores! The Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is a powerful masque of concentrated antioxidant vitamins that helps skin recover from damage while enhancing barrier properties and promoting healthy tissue regeneration. Dynamic Skin Recovery is a moisturizer that encourages firmness, elasticity and hydration while helping to defend against the primary causes of skin aging is a medium-weight emollient daily moisturizer with SPF30! Age Smart Anti-Aging Power Trio by Dermalogica ($58) is available at

ESTÉE LAUDER Limited-Edition Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II with Pink Ribbon Keychain

<p>Limited-Edition Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II with Pink Ribbon Keychain</p>

Limited-Edition Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II with Pink Ribbon Keychain


Beauty rest is not just a phrase. In order to obtain youthful skin, you have to put in some zzzzs and of course find the right nighttime product. Estée Lauder’s #1 repair serum, Advanced Night Repair, is for every woman, every night. By helping maximize the power of skin’s natural nighttime renewal, Advanced Night Repair reveals smooth, radiant younger looking skin. This limited-edition comes packaged with a 3-charm pink ribbon keychain that empowers consumers to show their support for breast cancer awareness. A touch of blue in the design represents the less than 1% of men who are diagnosed with breast cancer. In support of The Estée Lauder Companies’ Breast Cancer Campaign’s 25th Anniversary, Estée Lauder will donate 20% of the suggested retail price from the sale of this product to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation® (BCRF). ESTÉE LAUDER Limited-Edition Advanced Night Repair ($95) is available at select Estée Lauder counters nationwide, in Puerto Rico and This promotion ends June 30, 2018 (while supplies last).

The Moist Collection BOX for Natural Hair By tgin

<p>The Moist Collection BOX for Natural Hair for Men & Women</p>

The Moist Collection BOX for Natural Hair for Men & Women


The #1 complaint of most naturalistas is "dryness". Thank God it's Natural (tgin) spent over two years in the lab developing a product line enriched with ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and vitamin E, to address this major concern. The tgin Moist Collection is finally here and will give you the softy, shiny, manageable, and most importantly moisturized curls you long for. This is the ULTIMATE gift for the natural hair product lover in your life! The Moist Collection BOX for Natural Hair includes: Sulfate Free Shampoo, Green Tea Super Moist Leave in Conditioner, Honey Miracle Hair Mask, Twist & Define Cream, Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer, Argan Replenishing Hair & Body Serum, Ginger Peach Soap and Lip balm. "This is the ultimate gift because it's great for a man or a woman. From our sulfate free shampoo, to our olive oil soap, this box has everything they need to pamper themselves for months," Chris-Tia Donaldson, CEO of tgin. The Moist Collection BOX for Natural Hair ($75) is available at

L'UNICO Laboratory

<p>Essential Beauty Pack</p>

Essential Beauty Pack

L'UNICO Laboratory

Created by a compound chemist, L'UNICO takes the best of modern science and nature, and creates luxury skincare that instantly absorbs to protect and rebuild your skin. Peptides and amino acids are used in each product, which allows for physiological functions to take place and repair the skin. L'UNICO focuses on anti-aging, increasing the skin's firmness, and reducing pigmentation. They are best known for their high-potency Vitamin C Serum, which currently boasts 30% vitamin C - more than any other product out there today. "Each product uses advanced variations of peptides to act as a signal to skin cells to make new collagen, improve wrinkles and firmness and reduce pigmentation and that instantly absorbs into the skin to protect, rebuild and address the signs of skin aging. This is why the Beauty Essential pack is ideal for all beauty enthusiasts, all you need in one box, you have day and night covered and the added extra of the high potency 30% Vitamin C Serum," Magdy Sedrak, founder and CEO of L'UNICO. Prices range from $60-$310 and the line is available for purchase at


Sphynx Portable Razor

With the holidays around the corner, Sphynx, is the quick fix solution for on-the-go shaving. Throw Sphynx in your weekend bag, evening clutch and is the perfect stocking stuffer. “It's the perfect sidekick for every woman on-the-go. It's great for the busy bee, the active, the overwhelmed or even the forgetful woman. Life is hectic, but Sphynx aims to make it less, so toss it in your bag and be prepared for whatever life throws at you,” Leila Kashani, SHE-E-O of Sphynx. The Sphynx Portable Razor ($14.99) is available at

TheraGold Manuka Honey

<p>Pain Relieving Rub</p>

Pain Relieving Rub


Celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson, Supermodel Petra Nemcova and the Kardashians have touted the benefits of the sweet treat! I may not be a celebrity, but I have to say for myself, this is the only topical cream that has worked wonders on my chronic sciatica pain. A new product by TheraGold is using the healing properties of Manuka honey as ingredients for a breakthrough all-natural Pain Relief Cream that quickly and effectively reduces pain and inflammation naturally. The greaseless, paraben free formula, is the first of its kind with active Manuka Honey sourced from New Zealand. TheraGold Pain Relieving Rub is used to treat moderate to chronic pain associated with arthritis, backache, sprains, muscle spasms, for pre or post workout, and more. TheraGold™ Pain Relieving Rub is the first fast-acting, all-natural pain relieving cream with 100% bee-friendly active Manuka honey. “Manuka honey cream has been documented throughout history for its natural healing properties. We are thrilled to bring the most potent and anti-inflammatory honey to the marketplace,” says Zac Gindi, Founder of TheraGold. TheraGold Pain Relief Cream alleviates pain using safe, natural homeopathic ingredients. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for the special person in your life who may be experiencing chronic pain. This little tub of rub is a game changer. Find out more about how it works at, and is available in a 2 oz. jar at

The Moth Presents All These Wonders

<p><em>All These Wonders</em></p>

All These Wonders

The Moth

All These Wonders, was released earlier this year to critical acclaim, shares stories, heartbreaking to hilarious and everywhere in between, from celebrities and civilians alike. It takes you to outer space, the woods of Vermont, the cities and suburbs, and beyond. It’s about wonder, understanding, feeling seen and heard — how about that for your mom/dad, your significant other or anyone who loves a good story; it's perfect for any of their stocking stuffers. According to Michiko Kakutani, of The NY Times “A wonderful new book, “The Moth Presents: All These Wonders”…gathers 45 stories from the last two decades. Some are heartbreakingly sad; some laugh-out-loud funny; some momentous and tragic; almost all of them resonant or surprising. They are stories that attest to the startling varieties and travails of human experience, and the shared threads of love, loss, fear and kindness that connect us.” - Michiko Kakutani, The New York Times

“The Moth connects us, as humans. Because we all have stories….And once we hear each other’s stories, we realize the things we see dividing us are, all too often, illusions, falsehoods: that the walls between us are in truth no thicker than scenery. The Moth teaches us not to judge by appearances. It teaches us to listen. It reminds us to empathize,” Neil Gaiman (from the foreward of the book). All These Wonders ($17) is available at


While the notebook is available in three convenient sizes, the small notebook is the perfect size for your loved one's stocking stuffer. “This can be a notebook, journal, memo book, diary, logbook, ledger, portfolio, daybook or scratch pad – anything you need it to be. Hand stitched and bound with full grain premium Horween Chromexcel leather and constructed with Tomoe River paper, which is known for being the thinnest and highest quality writing paper. It is ultra thin and ideal to reduce bulk yet resistant to bleed through and feathering,” Ezra Arthur CEO, Sebastian Sanderius. EZRA ARTHUR Notebooks (small $25, medium $50 and large $75) are available at

Scenties Stretch & Sniff Hair Ties

<p>Stretch & Sniff Hair Ties</p>

Stretch & Sniff Hair Ties


Scenties Stretch & Sniff hair ties are a neat twist on girls hair elastics. Scenties are fragranced with fun scents like watermelon, brownie sundae, strawberry, cotton candy and more. Tug on the tiny fabric tag on each elastic hair tie to activate the wonderfully yummy scent. Girls love using them as hair ties or bracelets to be traded with friends. Eight scents to choose from. " Scenties is the perfect stocking stuffer because it is an accessory that is fun , but it's also an interactive toy that you can collect and trade with friends. Scenties are affordable and small in size, so they fit perfectly in stockings….and because of the price point you can purchase more than one, " Kara Dahn, Scenties Owner. Retail price is $5.99 per package which includes five Scenties Stretch & Sniff elastics available at

Macaron for Hair by Milk & Sass

<p>Macaron for Hair</p>

Macaron for Hair

Milk & Sass

The Macaron for Hair, a travel-sized Parisian-chic detangling brush and mirror compact, is every bit novel as it is functional and convenient. The perfect stocking stuffer for every age, gender and hair type. It comes in a rainbow of “flavors” and reduces hair breakage, pulling, tangles and frizz. Not to mention it’s shaped like a delicious macaron, and the perfect addition to any selfie! Macaron for Hair ($12.99) is available for purchase at Urban Outfitters, in-stores and online. And what’s more: as of this morning, the limited-edition gold Macaron for Hair is now available at QVC as a gift set with the brand’s fun Sugar Twists, highly efficient and unique hair ties.

White Tea Neck Masks – AKA The Wattle Wonder

<p>White Tea Neck Masks – AKA The Wattle Wonder</p>

White Tea Neck Masks – AKA The Wattle Wonder

ToGo Spa

ToGo Spa White Tea Neck - AKA The Wattle Wonders are collagen gel neck masks with Hyaluronic Acid, Vit C and E. “I love these collagen masks because they are cooling, rejuvenating and skin plumping. They smooth out the appearance of lines around the eyes and on your neck / chest. The eye pads are great for de-puffing and promotes circulation to help with dark circles while the neck mask hydrates those pesky cleavage creases. Use them anytime you feel you need to be refreshed for a night out, or after a night out. They are a great addition to any skincare routine and perfect for all skin types or conditions. My clients LOVE it when I use them during their facials and then they use them at home to maintain the results. The best part is they are paraben free, and never test on animals. As a skincare consultant, my goal is to make life easier by recommending the best products to get the best results for your specific skincare concerns, and that also fit your lifestyle and budget,” Skincare Consultant and Esthetician, Melissa Lekus. ToGo Spa White Tea Neck Masks - AKA The Wattle Wonders ($25) are available at Eye masks are also available.


PopSockets are fashionable accessories that help transform your mobile devices. PopSockets offer a secure grip for texting or snapping the perfect selfie, and propping your phone up for catching the latest video. Just "pop" & expand one whenever you need a grip or stand for those brilliant pix, videos, or posts. The PopSocket ($14.99) is available at T-Mobile retail stores and online.

SoleMate Sox

<p>Magnetic socks</p>

Magnetic socks

SoleMate Sox

SoleMate Sox- One of the world’s greatest mysteries is lost socks! Where do they go and who or what is eating them? None of those head-scratchers are important anymore. The magnetic solution is SoleMate Sox. Everyone and every parent can relate to losing socks! SoleMate Sox is the magnetic solution. Each pair is knitted with the highest quality butter -soft breathable bamboo- keeping you cool in the summer and warm +cozy during winter. SoleMate Sox are moisture+odor wicking. Your feet stay dry and funk free. You'll walk, run, dance and climb on our super cushioned footbed and extra padded heel+toe for dreamy cloud-like comfort. Designed+ knitted in the USA. The best part of all, our magnetic patent-pending technology keeps the mates together. “SoleMate Sox are perfect holiday stocking stuffers for three reasons; one, each of our patent-pending magnetic pairs stay together on laundry day, eliminating lost socks. Two, they are knitted from bamboo making them eco-friendly, super-soft+ moisture-wicking- keeping your feet dry, warm+stink-free. Third, who can resist fun holiday socks! From Llamas to Candy Canes and holiday lights, our colorful happy designs bring joy to sock lovers everywhere+ they erase the frustration of searching for the other sock,” Catenya McHenry CEO/Inventor. Available in adult & kids. $15-$22. Shop our new Holiday Collection

That's What She Said - Card Game

<p><em>That</em>’s <em>What She Said</em></p>

That’s What She Said

The much-loved phrase “that’s what she said” is now a game of hilarious setup cards and outrageous phrase cards that makes a great stocking stuffer for anyone who loves cry-laughing, racy innuendos, and of course, The Office. All the cards in That's What She Said are designed to work together to maximize hilarity, unlike other party games. Plus, every round players can discard one card that doesn’t tickle their pickle (that’s what she said!) and redraw to keep their hand funny and fresh. That's What She Said ($24.99) is available to purchase nationwide at Amazon for Prime shipping, so it’s great for a last-minute gift.



The key to a dog’s happiness is pretty simple – you, food and a good toy. And maybe more food. The problem with that is we wind up with some pretty chubby pets (over 50% of dogs in the US are overweight). After conducting extensive research on toy engagement and dog health in general PLAYOLOGY has tapped into this and a dog’s most powerful sense…. smell (10,000x’s more than a human). The science behind the toy is fascinating. Lo-tech, yet hi-tech at the same time. A tremendous amount of research has gone into the creation of these toys. A dog could really care less about the shape and color of a toy. Whereas most dog toys are dipped in a flavor, PLAYOLOGY is different. Featuring first-to-market “Encapsiscent Technology,” PLAYOLOGY infuses millions of micro-encapsulated scent beads that are popped with play, so each toy not only encourages longer-lasting engagement but an all-around healthier pup. A healthier, more engaged pup = happier. “My wife and I are dog parents ourselves, and given our professional experience in the pet industry, we could never understand why dog toys didn’t take advantage of how much dogs are attracted to scent. It took us three years to develop Encapsiscent Technology, but we - and our dogs Bluto and Mongo - couldn’t be more excited by how our Playology toys keep dogs happier and more engaged,” Adam Beatty, CEO and co-founder of Playology. Playology is available at

The Rocketeer Pack - Multifunctional Harness by ZuGoPet

The Rocketeer Pack Multifunctional Harness is a patented dog harness for pets 25lbs and under. Designed to protect your dog and family in case of an accident. Pets love their new sense of security and visibility of their surroundings. Give your loved one the safety they deserve! “ZuGoPet products are the perfect holiday gift. Everyone loves to travel for the holiday season and no one wants to leave their pet behind. What better gift to give than to give someone the option to travel safe with their pet anywhere in the world. We provide quality, convenience with safety in all of our products,” CEO Juls Bindi.The Rocketeer Pack ($150) is available at

Nulo Jerky

<p>Nulo Jerky</p>

Nulo Jerky


Nulo’s Turkey & Cranberry Jerky Strips are soft, 4-inch strips of turkey with visible cranberry pieces for an indulgent snack. Inspired by holiday meals, Turkey & Cranberry Jerky Strips are slowly cooked for a natural smokehouse aroma dogs will drool over. Grain-free, low carb and contain a probiotic for digestive and immune support- win for pet parent and win for pups. "During the holidays, healthy-snacking is not usually at the top of everyone’s list. But Nulo’s Jerky Strips are an indulgent high-protein snack with up 92% meat with no added sugars, slowly-roasted to perfection. And with a patented probiotic that supports digestive health, you can treat your dogs this holiday season without the guilt. Max is counting on finding his stocking filled with his favorite – Argentinian Beef & Sri Lankan Coconut – for a Christmas treat that would make every dog’s holiday season a little brighter," CEO & Founder of Nulo, Michael Landa. Nulo Jerky ($12.99) is available nationwide at pet specialty retailers and online ordering for delivery before Christmas on and

Dog Gone Breath

<p>Tablets - Available </p><p>Powder - Coming Soon</p>

Tablets - Available

Powder - Coming Soon

Dog Gone Breath

“Dog Gone Breath chewable tablets are the perfect gift for dogs – and for you! Our all-natural ingredients remedy the common causes of bad breath in dogs instead of masking it with mints or sprays. We all love kissing our furry babies and now we can do it and smile!” Founder of Dog Gone Breath, Jenna Fishoff. Dog Gone Breath launched a fabulous new dog breath remedy just this week. Bad breath in dogs occurs from many different causes. None of the causes indicates a healthy dog. Two of the most common parts of the body that causes Halitosis (the medical term used to describe a foul order coming from the mouth) in your pet come either from the mouth (Periodontal) or the gut (Gastrointestinal tract). Traditionally most products are aimed specifically at the owner’s pleasure by promoting a covering mechanism like a mint to try to mask the odor. This covering can be dangerous to your pet’s health. The foul order is like “Natures Fire Alarm”, alerting you that something is going on either in the mouth or the gut. Unlike all the “covering” products that are in the marketplace today, Dog Gone Breath all-natural chewable tablets and powder attack the oral and gastrointestinal root cause of your pets doggietosis by bio-targeting the issues, potentially eliminating the need for a visit to your vet. Dog Gone Breath ($19.99 - $34.99) is available exclusively at

Merino Chunky Wool Pet Bed

<p>Merino Chunky Wool Pet Bed</p>

Merino Chunky Wool Pet Bed

These beds are incredibly soft, you'll want to curl up in it yourself. The beds can be turned inside out for a different look. 100% Merino Wool. Incredibly Soft, Handmade Chunky Knit. Purrfect! Merino Chunky Wool Pet Bed is available at

Personalized Rustic Wood Pet Bowl Stand

<p>Personalized Rustic Wood Pet Bowl Stand</p>

Personalized Rustic Wood Pet Bowl Stand

Rustic Wood Personalized Pet Bowl Stand. Comes with 2 removable stainless steel food bowls with 5 colors to choose from: Turquoise, Grey/White washed, Pink, Black and Red. Add your pet's name (up to 6 characters). If you do not want a name, just put N/A in the personalize space. Perfect holiday gift for the pet lover in your life! Great for small to medium size pets. Rustic Wood Personalized Pet Bowl Stand ($26.95) is available at



The perfect gift for our fur kids is FriendshipCollar -- this wonderful company celebrates the love we have for our dog or cat with a stylish pet collar for them and a fashionable matching friendship bracelet for pet owners because best friends should match! FriendshipCollar has several collections with fun colors and beautifully detailed patterns. Each set comes in a drawstring or faux leather pouch perfect for gift giving. FriendshipCollar is the world’s first PETA approved vegan pet brand. All items are animal-friendly, cruelty-free and made of vegan leather. $35 per set at and Amazon.

Solid Gold Pet - Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats

<p>Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats </p>

Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats

Solid Gold Pet

Give your pup the priceless gift of health with Solid Gold Pet’s Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats. The "Turkey & Sweet Potato" recipe allows your fur baby to enjoy a special dinner with all the fixings with the rest of the family this holiday season. “Solid Gold’s new Superfoods Chewy Dog Treats feature iconic holiday ingredients like sweet potatoes, turkey and cinnamon and make great stocking stuffers for even the pickiest dogs. With a holistic blend of high-quality meats and wholesome Superfoods, dogs love the taste and pet parents can celebrate the nutritional benefits,” Bob Rubin, CEO and President at Solid Gold Pet. Visit for information on how to buy the treats online or find a local retailer near you (select Petcos and brick & mortar retailers nationwide).

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