The 25 Greatest Taylor Swift Songs of All Time

© Sarah Barlow

Co-written with Tiffany Leslie

This was a very big year for Taylor Swift. She stood up to Spotify and online streaming sites that undermine the value of artiste's music. She came out with an awesome album, 1989, that was met with critical praise. The album was subsequently chosen as the best album of the year by Billboard and Cosmopolitan. The album was also nominated for three Grammy awards, which is like, beyond amazing. Taylor Swift received the first ever Dick Clark Award For Excellence at the American Music Awards, and she was chosen as Billboard Woman of the Year for 2014.

We are certified Swifilosophers, and so we are informed about all things T-Swift. Since, she turned 25 years old this year (Happy birthday girl), we decided to compile a list of her top 25 greatest songs of all time. This was no easy task because all of her songs are so amazing. But we eventually came up with a list. Before we tell you what her top 25 songs are, we just want to give an honourable mention to some of her songs. The honourable mentions are, A place in this world, How you get the girl, The outside, Tied together with a smile, Forever and Always (piano version), Enchanted, I wish you would, and every single song that Taylor Swift has ever recorded. Here is to looking forward to more T-Swift music in the future. Anyway, without further ado, here is the list of her top 25 songs:

25. Superstar

24. Long Live

23. Invisible

22. 22

21. Red

20. Tear Drops On My Guitar

19. White Horse

18. Begin Again

17. Dear John

16. State Of Grace

15. Fifteen

14. Mine

13. All Too Well

12. Back To December

11. Speak Now

10. Mean

9. Shake It Off

8. Fearless

7. The Story Of Us

6. Blank Space

5. Everything Has Changed

4. Out Of The Woods

3. Cold As You

2. The Best Day

1. Never Grow Up